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The Best Way To Stop Having Gas After Eating

The Best Way To Stop Having Gas After Eating

February 26, 2023
There's no worse feeling than the pleasure of having your favourite food ruined by gas and bloating right after eating. We Indians like experimenting with food and having different food items to satiate our diverse taste buds. Often we knowingly and unknowingly have food that causes gas and land us in discomforting situations. Let's discuss some of the best ways to eat your food freely without gas and bloating ruining your mood.

Mindful Eating to Avoid Gas

Eating mindfully leads to better digestion, which means fewer chances of bloating, gas and other problems. Mindful eating means being present at the moment and paying attention to what you are eating. Here are some tips for mindful eating:

Chew your food slowly and thoroughly:

When you chew it thoroughly, you break it down into smaller pieces, making it easier for your stomach to digest it. Chewing also helps to release digestive enzymes in your mouth, which aids in the digestion process. Chewing your food slowly makes you mindful of your hunger and avoids the chances of you overeating.

Take smaller bites:

Gas is caused by the air you swallow while eating. When you take smaller bites, the air you swallow reduces significantly. Taking smaller bites is so much easier than being discomforted by bloating later in the day. So, make it a habit to take smaller bites and enjoy your food properly.

Eat slowly:

If you are always eating on the go, a golden piece of advice for you is to eat slowly. When you eat fast, you swallow the food without chewing properly. It slows down the digestion process and causes gas and bloating. Taking your time and enjoying your food can help you avoid this.

Avoid distractions:

Eating while watching a series might be fun, but it's not good for your digestive system. When you eat food while multitasking, you are not fully present in the moment. This can lead to overeating and poor digestion. Put away your phone, be away from screens, and focus on your food.

Avoid drinking with meals:

You would have heard this from your elders: drink water at least half an hour after eating. Drinking while eating can dilute digestive juices in the stomach and slow down the digestive process. If you drink carbonated drinks with your food, the chances of feeling gassy and bloated further increase. So eat now, drink later. By following these tips for mindful eating, you can reduce gas and bloating and improve your digestive health. It's also important to be mindful of your foods and how you eat them to be free from health problems.

Foods to Avoid

In addition to practicing mindful eating habits, there are certain foods that you can avoid to reduce gas and bloating. Here is the list of foods to avoid:

1. Beans and legumes:

The high fiber content in beans and legumes makes them difficult to digest for some people. If you notice feeling bloated after having beans or legumes, avoid its frequent and large consumption.

2. Cruciferous vegetables:

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are high in fiber and can cause gas and bloating. The best way to do this is to replace them with other vegetables in your diet or have them in smaller quantities.

3. Dairy products:

Dairy products don't suit everyone. If you have gas or bloating after consuming dairy, it's your sign to cut down on its consumption. Keep a check on which dairy products suit your body and which don't, and make changes in your eating habits accordingly.

4. Fatty foods:

Fatty foods are hard to digest and might cause digestive distress. Avoid bloating by limiting fats in your everyday diet, and keep a check on your portion sizes.

5. Carbonated drinks:

Fizzy and carbonated drinks feel great to drink but later on make you feel gassy. Giving in an enjoyable experience sometimes is okay but don't make it a habit to have such drinks daily.

6. Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are present in candy, cakes and other confectionery. The compounds present are harder to break by our digestive system, which may cause you bloating and gas. Choosing foods with natural sweeteners over artificial ones would make a lot of difference.

By avoiding these foods or reducing your intake of them, you may be able to reduce gas and bloating. Your digestive system works differently than others. We suggest keeping a food journal to understand better what suits you and what triggers symptoms like gas and bloating.

Try incorporating mindful eating in your life and know your body better to avoid foods that do more harm than good. These things would take time; if you are looking for easy, effective and quick relief for gas and bloating, Gas-O-Fast got you covered.

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