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5 Food Items That Can Cause Acidity

5 Food Items That Can Cause Acidity

January 04, 2023

We've all experienced that sensation after having a heavy meal, characterized by a burning sensation in the lower chest that is frequently followed by an unpleasant acid reflux taste in the throat. Well, that's what acidity does to you after eating some universally problematic meals. It's a result of some really acidic foods that our body tries to become accustomed to. However, our stomach refuses to sufficiently process the acid, which results in acid reflux. If you have been experiencing frequent acid refluxes, it is time you identify the culprits and replace them with some alkalizing foods.

Here are some foods that may cause acidity-

1. Soda

Sodas and other carbonated beverages have been known to cause heartburn and acidity among many people. In fact, soft drink consumption is one of the most common causes of heartburn occurring at night, also known as nocturnal heartburn. The bubbles of carbonation tend to expand inside the stomach. The increased pressure further contributes to acidity.

2. Spicy Foods

What is Indian food without the spices, right? But here’s the catch! Excess consumption of spices such as chilies, garam masala, pepper, can lead to the formation of acidity in the stomach. Eating them frequently can cause acid reflux. While consumption of spices is healthy and imperative to maintain overall health, they should be taken in moderation.

3. Coffee and caffeinated beverages

Caffeine has been known to relax the esophageal sphincter (muscle responsible to not let food come up the food pipe from the stomach). This increases the risk of acidity. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine. Although, a cup of tea or coffee once a day does not cause any serious harm, its consumption however should be limited to that.

4. Onions

Raw onions are a common trigger for acidity and heartburn. People who have GERD are especially at greater risk. Multiple studies and researches show the strong linkage of eating onion and associated discomfort. However, it is unclear how onions add to the discomfort of acid reflux or heartburn.

5. Citrus fruits

Some citrus fruits can cause acidity especially when eaten on an empty stomach. Fruits like orange, lemon, berries and tomato are highly acidic in nature. Thus, they pose the risk of causing symptoms of acidity on an empty stomach. The best way to avoid such a situation is to always include these fruits in between meals[1] .

So now you know which food items to be a little careful of! If despite all these preemptive steps you find yourself in an unpleasant state then fret not, mix a sachet of Gas-O-Fast Asli Jeera in a glass of water. Drink the refreshing solution and wait for it to work its magic on your stomach woes. The 100% Ayurvedic formulation of Gas-O-Fast brings quick relief from problems like acidity, gas and indigestion.


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