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5 Spices and Herbs that can help in Treating Gas

5 Spices and Herbs that can help in Treating Gas

December 23, 2020

Stomach gas is the most common digestive problem we tend to experience every now and then. Though the formation of gas is a normal part of the digestion process, excessive production and trapped gas can often become a troublesome and irritating experience.

Generally, gas problems emerge as a result of bad lifestyle habits, unhealthy food choices, sudden increased intake of fibre, or simply swallowing excess air during eating or drinking. Fortunately, it is usually a minor discomfort that can be eased with various kitchen ingredients and home remedies for gas. Interestingly, these home remedies are backed by the ancient medicinal science, Ayurveda!

Ayurveda emphasizes on the use of natural ingredients for ensuring good digestive health. For instance, it suggests a host of easily available spices and herbs that can provide instant relief from gas. Here are some spices and herbs that are undoubtedly the best natural remedies for gas troubles:

1. Jeera

Jeera for gas is often regarded as one of the most effective natural treatments for the respective stomach problem. It is loaded with essential oils that stimulate the salivary glands and ensure proper digestion of food. Moreover, jeera also contains anti-gas chemicals that can treat various other problems like acidity, bloating, belching, burping, and flatulence.

2. Saunf

Saunf helps in relaxing the intestinal muscles that can eventually reduce the risk of abdominal bloating, gas, and cramps. In fact, chewing only half a teaspoon of fennel seeds (saunf) after meals can be highly beneficial for healthy digestion.

3. Pudina

Apart from being a notably refreshing herb, Pudina is also known to be highly effective in relieving bloating, nausea, and gas troubles. It possesses antioxidant properties and is loaded with phytonutrients and menthol. Thus, it can work effectively in relaxing and calming the digestive system.

4. Ajwain

Ajwain or carom seeds are a rich source of thymol, a compound that secretes gastric juices in the stomach and aids in better digestion of food. Ajwain for gas has been recommended as one of the best natural treatments for decades now.

5. Ginger

Ginger is impressively anti-inflammatory in nature and stimulates the body’s digestive enzymes naturally. It is in fact a potent digestive aid that can be highly helpful in alleviating gas problems, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Using spices and herbs is undoubtedly the safest way of treating gas problems. But you can also use OTC products like antacids and tablets for gas and acidity. For instance, Gas-O-Fast is a natural antacid that provides instant relief from gas. Moreover, it is infused with the goodness of herbs and is available in various flavours like Gas-O-fast Jeera, Ajwain, Pudina, and Saunf.

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