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5 Tricks to avoid Acidity while Travelling

5 Tricks to avoid Acidity while Travelling

April 17, 2020

A vacation is the time to break yourself from the cacophonies of everyday life. Though it should ideally be a therapeutic experience, travelling can often disrupt your regular cycle of eating and sleeping, which may further give birth to a plethora of digestive problems.

Acidity is one of the most common digestive problems that has the power to ruin your travelling experience. It may be a result of overindulgence, eating unusual foods, irregular meal times, or lack of sleep. So if you’re going on a vacation with your family or friends, here are some tricks that can help you avoid acidity while travelling:

1. Eat sensibly

According to health experts, eating heavy meals while travelling is the major cause of acidity. Therefore, you should eat sensibly and avoid eating heavy foods. A salad or a fresh sandwich can be a great alternative to high-fat meals. You can also pack small meals in order to avoid the symptoms of acidity that might occur on the way to your destination.

2. Do your research on food

Before you leave for your vacation, it is advisable to do some research on the local cuisine and their respective ingredients. Since spicy and fat-rich foods are the most common culprits of acidity, make sure that you are well informed about the local dishes that can satisfy your hunger without upsetting your stomach.

3. Say no to eating late

Travelling can disrupt your eating and sleeping patterns, especially when you have a long list of activities to do on your vacation. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid eating or drinking around 3 hours before sleeping as lying down with a full stomach can lead to acidity.

4. Carry non-citrus fruits

Eating healthy snacks is another great way to satisfy hunger during travelling. Dried fruits, cereals, whole-grain crackers, etc. are some excellent examples of healthy non-citrus snacks that can not only satisfy your hunger but also prevent acidity.

5. Walking

Sleeping immediately after having dinner can upset your stomach. Therefore, a post-dinner walk is a wonderful therapy to keep your stomach healthy and active. However, it is advisable to begin your walk around 30-45 minutes after dinner.

In order to enjoy your therapeutic vacation to the fullest, it will be an excellent idea to carry Gas-O-Fast sachet while travelling. This herbal remedy contains the goodness of Ajwain, jeera, saunf, and pudina that can provide instant relief from acidity.

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