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Quick fix to Acidity

Quick fix to Acidity

September 05, 2018

Acidity is a common phenomenon which upsets us and our tummies at the most unwanted times. The truth is we often fall prey to our temptations when it comes to food. We can’t resist the lip smacking junks around us and as a result acidity takes a toll on our digestive system. Worry not, as cure for acidity is just as common as acidity itself. You can find them in the simplest of ingredients in your kitchen and not think twice about side effects. Check out some super easy ways to combat acidity with household ingredients:

Saunf/ Fennel seeds
It is an age-old method of preventing and fighting acidity. We usually pop in a handful of fennel seeds after a meal. In most restaurants and food joints too, we are served fennel seeds after our meals. It is advisable too chew on saunf after every meal to keep acidity symptoms at bay. In case of severe acidity attack, just boil some fennel seeds in water, strain it and drink the water. You will be surprised to see how quick it fights your discomfort.

We know about the goodness of ajwain and its healing properties on gas problems and acidity. Fight even the mildest signs of acidity with ajwain and you wouldn’t need pain killers or strong medicines for relief. Chew on it, with a pich of salt and a drop of lemon and you will get rid of acidity and gas related problems, almost instantly. It also helps fight bloating. So next time you sense acidity symptoms, rush to your kitchen and have a mouthful of ajwain to feel great!

If you thought ginger is just an ingredient to make your tea tastier, you are mistaken big time. Ginger is another home ingredient which aids you in fighting acidity with its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Neutralize stomach acids in seconds by chewing on a freshly cut ginger slice with a hint of salt. You can also try a spoon of ginger juice twice/ thrice a day to help provide respite from acidity, bloating and any irritation caused by indigestion. In case you don’t like the taste of raw ginger, you can boil a few chopped pieces of ginger in water and drink it up!

This is probably one of the most effective cure for acidity and gas problems. Easily available in every kitchen, cumin seeds are considered one of the best medicines for indigestion. The best way to consume is by boiling cumin seeds in water, strain it and drink the water. It is guaranteed that you will see the effects in a few seconds.
So why go for remedies which are expensive and come with side effects, when your own kitchen serves as a treasure trove of natural ingredients to fight acidity?

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