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Problems of Indigestion

Problems of Indigestion

November 27, 2018

Indigestion, medically called dyspepsia, is a feeling of discomfort in your stomach. It usually occurs within a short time of eating something. You don’t necessarily need to have a full meal, even a snack may sometimes make you ill at ease. Some classic symptoms of indigestion problem are a burning sensation in your stomach or food pipe, which may or may not be painful. During eating, you may also feel full even though you have eaten much less than your usual portion sizes. Today, one in every seven people worldwide suffers from mild to severe indigestion every day. This is hardly surprising since most of our crops are sprayed with harmful pesticides, some of which makes its way into our diet. We also succumb to junk food readily, which has negligible nutritional value but contains additives and preservatives, which irritate our digestive process. In some rare cases, digestive problems might run in the family. So, the first step to combat indigestion problems is to get educated about them.

Symptoms of indigestion problems
•    A bloated feeling, as though the food never made it past you’re your chest area. This may happen even if you eat very little
•    Burping constantly or passing gas
•    Consistently feeling nauseous. You may even throw up
•    A bad taste in the mouth you can’t get rid of
•    A feeling of pain radiating upwards from your stomach (heartburn)

Risk factors for indigestion problems
Although environmental triggers definitely exist, most indigestion problems are a direct result of our hectic and unhealthy lifestyle habits and choices. There is no getting around this. The good news is, if you are causing the problem, the solution is in your hands too. Here are some of the common triggers:  
•    Smoking
•    Too much caffeine, energy drinks or other stimulants
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Packaged foods, carbohydrate-rich, and spicy foods
•    Reheating prepared food stored in a fridge for long periods of time
•    An injury to the intestines or stomach area which can cause inflammation
•    Certain prescription medications such as antibiotics, NSAIDs and steroids
•    Stress and/or depression

How to deal with indigestion problems
•    Avoid foods which irritate the stomach – fattening and spicy foods, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, and other known irritants such as citrus, chocolate, and peppermint
•    Make a habit of consuming five or six small meals throughout the day, instead of three large ones
•    If you have noticed changes due to medication, ask your doctor to prescribe alternatives
•    Exercise every day and meditate to reduce stress and increase endorphins
•    Quit smoking

When to seek medical help?
Generally, indigestion problems resolve on their own if the risk factors are reduced or removed. However, if they persist, consulting a doctor should be a top priority. Here are some common signs that medical help is urgently needed:
•    Abdominal pain which painkillers cannot disperse
•    Marked difficulty in swallowing
•    Serious nausea which may or may not include blood
•    Bowel movement which is dark
•    Constipation and bloating
•    Fatigue and paleness
•    Feeling full despite avoiding food completely
A doctor will prescribe blood tests and endoscopy to figure out the cause. Indigestion problems which persist may be the result of some serious underlying condition. It is wise to seek medical help if symptoms persist beyond two to three days.  

 Home remedies for indigestion problems
These tried and tested remedies will help you feel better in no time
•    Freshly brewed ginger or chamomile tea
•    Chewing fennel seeds or caraway seeds
•    A glass of water combined with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
•    A glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and a dash of fresh lemon juice
•    Sipping warm water at regular intervals

Indigestion problems are very common and are easily cured too. Watching what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat will not only help you avoid indigestion but will also maintain an overall healthy standard of living. When you’re looking for instant relief against your indigestion problem, choose Gas-o-fast and say goodbye to that feeling of discomfort in the stomach!

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