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Indigestion Symptoms

Indigestion Symptoms

November 27, 2018

That unnatural feeling of fullness is almost always impossible to ignore. Indigestion can be one of the most uncomfortable conditions but also easily curable. Overeating, eating extra spicy foods, alcohol consumption, and smoking are the common causes of indigestion. Indigestion is easy to diagnose and generally, can be taken care of right at home. If you want to check for indigestion, you may want to look out for these indigestion symptoms.
A feeling of fullness during meals
If you experience a feeling of fullness right after you start eating, it may be a sign of indigestion.
A feeling of discomfort after meals
If there is a feeling of discomfort for a long time after you finish your meal, it may be an indicator of indigestion.
A burning feeling in the chest
A very common symptom of indigestion is a burning feeling in the chest.
A heavy head and a feeling of vomiting can be a clear indigestion symptom.
Bloating and uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen
If you experience a tight stomach or feel like gas building up in your tummy, it can be tracked back to indigestion.
Pain in the abdomen
Mild or severe pain in the belly, especially in the upper abdomen, can be an indicator of indigestion.
Acidic taste in the mouth
A constant acidic taste in the mouth is a very common indigestion symptom.
If you notice yourself belching a lot more than usual, it is probably due to indigestion.

Causes of indigestion
Stress and swallowing lots of air can worsen the symptoms and lead to serious indigestion. Indigestion can be caused due to many reasons which can hinder the digestive process of the body:
The weakening of the stomach’s inner lining, allowing digestive acids to damage the stomach muscles can make it more prone to indigestion.
Peptic ulcers
These are the sores that develop on the stomach’s lining, especially the small intestines. These ulcers make digestion difficult.
Gallbladder disease
Gallbladder disease involves complications related to the gallbladder which can hinder the process of digestion.
Over-consumption of alcohol or seasonal viruses can often affect the functioning of the liver, leading to indigestion.
The swelling of the pancreas, causing pain and burning in the left side of the abdomen can cause indigestion.
Hardened faeces and difficulty in emptying the bowels are a major cause of indigestion.
Anxiety disorder
Feeling anxious without any major reason for longer periods can result in indigestion.
Celiac disease
Being allergic to food products containing gluten, like flour, white flour and vinegar can also cause indigestion.

How to get relief from indigestion
Indigestion can prove to be quite troublesome but it is easy to cure it using some simple home remedies. The following are some remedies that can help-
•    Baking soda: One spoon of baking soda mixed with a glass of water can provide relief
•    Apple cider vinegar: One should consume apple cider vinegar without mixing with any other item, or along with water or with two spoons of honey
•    Carrom seeds: Carrom seeds or ajwain can be eaten raw, either whole or in powdered form
•    Ginger: Tea prepared by adding ginger can prove to be a very useful remedy for indigestion

Even though indigestion does not usually lead to any serious complications, it can ruin your mood and leave you irritable for days. Indigestion can also reduce your productivity and concentration, leading to unfruitful days. Don’t let indigestion symptoms rule over your mind and body and try Gas-O-Fast for instant relief from indigestion. Gas-O-Fast comes in a variety of tasty flavours, so your fight against acidity and indigestion is not bitter anymore!

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