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How is Buttermilk good for acid reflux?

How is Buttermilk good for acid reflux?

January 04, 2023

Acidity or acid reflux is a feeling of burning sensation in the chest. Also known as heartburn, acidity is caused due to excessive acid in the stomach leading to an imbalance. This further irritates the intestinal lining and, in some cases, can also affect the esophageal tissue leading to a burning sensation.

Causes of acidity

Some of the common causes of acidity include

  • eating spicy food frequently
  • irregular eating habits
  • skipping meals
  • late-night meals
  • excessive stress
  • drinking alcohol frequently
  • lack of exercise.

However, with simple home remedies, you can get relief from acidity. But it is important to know when to take which home remedy. Home remedies such as milk, amla and coconut water can work if acidity is caused because of remaining empty stomach for a long duration, whereas remedies such as buttermilk and dalchini (cinnamon) work best [1] [2] if acidity is due to indigestion or overeating of spicy foods.

Buttermilk or chaas neutralizes the excess acid in the stomach and calms the stomach. Drinking buttermilk everyday after meals is a good home remedy if you are prone to acidity.

How to consume buttermilk

Buttermilk can be taken as it is by just adding a pinch of salt to it. However, most people prefer adding some spices to it to give it a good Indian flavor. Mix in a little fenugreek paste, black pepper and coriander leaves to the drink and voila! You have a tasty summer drink ready.

How does buttermilk help relieve acidity?

Buttermilk is a natural probiotic, meaning it aids in digestion and keeping the gut health in check. A glass of buttermilk is a good and time-tested solution for acidity because it contains lactic acid. Lactic acid coats the inner lining of the stomach, thus reducing the symptoms of acid reflux and irritation resulting from it.

Additionally, the probiotics present in buttermilk ensure that there is no buildup of gas or bloating.

If, however, you do not find relief from acidity despite having buttermilk then the 3in1 solution of Gas-O-Fast is surely going to bring relief and ease. Its 100% Ayurvedic composition has been successful in bringing quick relief wherever, whenever!


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