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How Do You relieve Gas Pains?

How Do You relieve Gas Pains?

January 19, 2023

Gas in the digestive system is perfectly normal – so is the act of burping or passing gas. However, things can take an embarrassing or even painful turn if excess gas forms in your stomach. Gas pains are mostly associated with gas getting trapped in the large intestine where bacteria ferment carbohydrates. These include high-fibre products like beans, pulses, fruits, vegetables, etc. However, fibre, which is responsible for gas production, is also important for proper digestion.

The causes of gas pains are mostly related to how much air enters our body. They can be:

•    Chewing gum
•    Overeating
•    Swallowing air while eating or drinking
•    Smoking
•    Eating certain foods (especially those with a high fibre content)

While these are some of our common habits, gas pains can result from serious issues too, for example:

•    Diarrhoea
•    Constipation
•    Excessive weight loss

The symptoms of gas or gas pains range from:

•    Bloating or feeling full in the stomach
•    Excessive burping or belching
•    Excessive passing of gas
•    The visibly enlarged size of the abdominal area (distention)
•    Cramps in the abdomen

You may be suffering from one or more of the above symptoms of gas. However, unless they’re too persistent, they can be fairly resolved using a few tricks mentioned below.

Home remedies to reduce gas

Since for a lot of people experience gas pains as a result of their eating habits, the solutions lie in simple home tricks.
•    Cloves are herbs that have the ability to reduce gas pains and cure indigestion. Mix a few teaspoons of ground or powdered cloves with honey (preferably Manuka honey) and consume before bedtime.
•    Believe it or not, the lemonade that gives you relief from the summer heat also plays a wider role in maintaining your health. Mix a few pinches of soda bicarb or baking soda in your lemon juice and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. The vitamin C-rich lime has many medicinal properties and is vital in the treatment of gastric disorders, especially constipation.
•    Papaya has been regarded by scientific studies to have excellent preventive abilities against constipation and colon (large intestinal) infection. Papaya can also help in reducing weight and curing abdominal cramps (especially during menstruation). Since it is rich in dietary fibre (good for digestion), an excess papaya intake can conversely increase gas production in the colon. Thus, it should be consumed as a salad with other mixed fruits.
•    You may have heard a lot about reducing carbonated drinks or avoiding artificial sweeteners. So what should you drink alternatively? Simply stop spending on canned energy drinks and get coconut water. Enriched with minerals and anti-microbial qualities, this nil-fat organic drink outweighs its artificial counterparts when it comes to health benefits.

Healthy habits to follow

•    Reduce high-fibre foods from your diet as the bacteria in your intestine can ferment them and produce more gas. Such high-fibre foods include beans and legumes, pulses, cabbage, cauliflower, pears, and whole wheat. You can use dietary fibres like papaya and nuts as effective substitutes.
•    Most Indian households consume tea – a significant portion consuming milk tea. However, milk contains lactose, a type of sugar that increases abdominal cramps, and other gas-related pain. Thus, if your breakfast is incomplete without tea, then you should suspend the usage of milk. Herbal or just plain tea is a suitable replacement.
•    Sip your water slowly and chew your food properly. Avoid swallowing too much air while eating or drinking. Eating too quickly, gulping too much of food directly, using straws- these can only lead to more gas.
•    In addition to eating slowly, also spread your meals around the clock. Eat small meals as overeating and an empty stomach can both cause intestinal contractions. These contractions can hinder the proper exit of gas from your system.

The power of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has the ability to extinguish your gas pains and all it demands from you is proper eating. If Indian cuisine just can’t do without spices then why not use some digestive spices? Yes, it’s possible and very simple. Cumin, ajwain, fennel, and ginger are some examples of digestive spices. If you are cooking yourself then you can heat these spices in ghee (has many medicinal benefits). If you’re not cooking then put these in a blender and create a side platter sauce.

Cook your vegetables and avoid eating them raw. Raw vegetables can be difficult to digest. It is preferred that vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage should at least be sautéed or steamed before consumption.

Don’t worry if you ever run out of your stock of Ayurvedic supplies. There is a one-stop solution for your gas pains – Gas-O-Fast. A single sachet of Gas-O-Fast can relieve your body of terrible stomach pains that have been keeping you from enjoying daily life.

Choose this wonderful solution and say goodbye to your gastric troubles!


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