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Get Rid of your Bloated Belly with Ayurveda

Get Rid of your Bloated Belly with Ayurveda

September 05, 2018

Get Rid of your Bloated Belly with Ayurveda 
From the feeling of tightness and constipation to excessive vomiting, bloating, in general, is an unpleasant feeling. Gas, lactose intolerance, food indigestion and even PMS are some of the common causes that lead to the feeling of bloatedness amongst many people. For almost everyone suffering from bloating, these causes are rooted in the foods that they eat. Foods that cause one to feel bloated include those that are high in fiber like raw vegetables, beans, lentils and even dairy products. 

While bloating may not seem serious to many, it should always be addressed in time to ensure that the symptoms do not aggravate. In fact, there are many amongst us for whom gas, constipation and bloating have become regular occurrences. If you too experience bloating related discomfort very often, you should consider investing in Ayurvedic products like Gasofast’s Active Jeera. After years of research and experience, Ayurveda has proven to be one of the best bloated stomach remedies. 

Ayurveda is an age-old practice originating in India and over time, its reach having expanded across the globe. One of the central tenets of Ayurveda is that the body is at the core of human existence, i.e. an unhealthy body reflects an unhealthy state of mind. The following aspects of Ayurveda should, therefore, be considered. 

•    Eat right: What this essentially means is that to avoid problems like gas and bloating, you should keep a proper track of what you eat. Avoid junk and eat other foods like cruciferous vegetables in minimal quantity. Most importantly, make it a point to ensure that whatever you eat is properly cooked and not raw. Eating well-cooked food also becomes important from the point of view of proper digestion and eliminating toxins. Therefore, always try to include spices like cumin, ajwain, hing, coriander and fennel in your diet. 
•    Eat slowly: The key to proper digestion lies in eating slowly. Chewing your food slowly ensures that the food is broken down properly before reaching the internal digestive system of your body. On the other hand, eating fast leads to indigestion which further instigates gas, bloating and also impacts the metabolism. 
•    Drink more: It has been found that most people who suffer from bloating do not drink enough water. Drinking water is of extreme importance in eliminating bloating. Most practitioners of Ayurveda suggest drinking a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice every morning to release all toxins from the body, thereby reducing the chances of experiencing gas or bloating.

While following all of these suggestions will definitely help you in getting rid of bloating gradually, there may be situations where you would want instant relief from all the unpleasantness that bloating causes. Gasofast’s Active Jeera is exactly what you will need in those times! Being the best antacid brand in India, Gasofast is well known for its instant results in curing indigestion. It acts directly on the source of acidity and gas and neutralizes the acids causing the bloating. So, the next time you need some quick bloated stomach remedies, take Gasofast and don’t let the discomfort last! 

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