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Gas-O-Fast - An Ayurvedic solution for acidity and heartburn

Gas-O-Fast - An Ayurvedic solution for acidity and heartburn

October 05, 2022

Acidity and gas - causes

Acidity and gas are two of the most irritating medical problems we experience on a daily basis. Let’s look at some of the common causes of gas formation in the chest:

  • Acidic food - Citrus fruits, tomatoes
  • Food high in fats - chocolate, cheese, butter, fried food
  • Smoking
  • Being overweight
  • Overeating
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcohol

So what basically happens is - all of the above lifestyle choices/activities tamper with your food transit from the oesophagus to the stomach. The tube that transfers the food often fails to close back after the food lands into the stomach. This causes the acid produced in your stomach for digestion, a chance to come back in the oesophagus, hence causing acid reflux.


Heartburn is another common occurrence caused by the same factors mentioned above. If you experience the following symptoms, it means you are having a bout of heartburn: 

  • Pain in your chest when you lay down
  • A burning feeling in the throat
  • A hot, sour, acidic or salty taste in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing


Gas is often a symptom of some underlying digestive condition. Gas leads to bloating, flatulence and belching.

How to find instant relief from gas and heartburn?

Here’s how! It is not very difficult to cure acidity, gas and heartburn at home. There are many home remedies that have proven to work against these issues very effectively. One of them is the age-old, powerful combination of Jeera and water.

100% Ayurvedic, it works like magic and provides you with instant relief from gas, heartburn and acidity.

Why Jeera?

Jeera/cumin seeds are enriched with natural oils that stimulate salivary glands and promote better digestion. They are also rich in fibre and minerals that help improve digestion and hence our metabolic rate. Usually you boil the Jeera seeds first in water, and then drink it early in the morning once they cool down.

However, acidity can strike anybody at any hour of the day. The Ayurvedic solution of Gas-O-Fast Asli Jeera works effectively against acidity and brings quick relief in no time.

It’s because Gas-O-Fast Asli Jeera, infused with the wellness of Ayurveda, travels directly to the source of acidity, gas and indigestion, neutralising the acid, and results in giving your system quick relief, just as naturally as the solution prepared at home.

All you have to do is, mix the solution with water, stir it well, and drink immediately to feel better. You can have a minimum of one to a maximum of three sachets in a day.

Hope this helps your current situation.
Take care!


Disclaimer This blog solely intended for the educational/informational/awareness purposes and is not a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor/healthcare professional before acting on the information provided on the blog. Reliance on any or all information provided in the blog, is solely at your own risk and responsibility. Mankind Pharma Limited shall not be held liable, in any circumstance whatsoever.

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