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Can stress cause acidity problems?

Can stress cause acidity problems?

September 22, 2022

Acidity can be extremely uncomfortable. It can often ruin special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. However, there are many factors that can cause acidity. Let us first see what it is: an excessive production of acid results in acidity. This acid is created by the glands in the stomach. A few signs of acidity include stomach ulcers, gastric inflammation, heartburn, and dyspepsia.

Let’s now see if stress and acidity are related to each other.

What is stress?

Stress is a very common term used to describe a certain state of mind. When we go through tough times in our lives, we feel tired and drained. We believe that we will not be able to overcome that feeling. But stress is a reaction of our mind due to pressure. It is the reaction due to certain events or situations. It is extremely subjective in nature, and every person may define it differently.

 Can stress cause acidity?

Stress increases acid production, which can increase the likelihood of experiencing acid reflux symptoms. This condition can be made worse if you react to stress by taking stimulants such as caffeine-based beverages, which tend to increase the incidence of reflux symptoms.

How can you relieve stress and acidity?

Stress can be relieved by practicing yoga, exercising or picking up a new hobby. It is easier said than done, but diverting your mind, and picking up new things to do may help in relaxing your mind. This way, the symptoms of acidity such as burning sensation, chest pain and nausea slowly fades. Many homemade remedies such as ginger tea, jeera tea, and ajwain tea help with acidity symptoms.

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