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How to Avoid Acidity During Travelling

How to Avoid Acidity During Travelling

December 26, 2018

Vacations are a time to unwind and relax, giving you the much-needed break from your daily, hectic schedule. But we tend to go overboard with our eating and also fail to stick to our timely routines. Vacations are all about excitement and overindulgence but the resultant digestive problems like acidity can be a real mood-killer.
The occurrence of heartburn and gas can ruin your entire travelling experience. Moreover, you might have to frequently halt for a restroom break or use the airplane lavatory way more than you normally would. Suffering from acidity while travelling is definitely a cause for concern and stress beside the obvious consequent discomfort and frustration that it results in. Therefore, religiously follow the tips given below to avoid acidity while travelling.

Avoid Heavy Meals

Before commencing your journey, irrespective of the mode of transport you use, eat only light meals. Stuffed stomach might cause indigestion and lead to acidity causing heartburn while en route to your destination. Carry some light, baked snacks with you to munch on the plane or on the road and eat only till a point where you are satisfied and not full!

Research Local Cuisine

If you are headed to an exotic travel destination, be sure to watch what you eat. As far as food is concerned, exotic cuisines offer an amazing and rich experience to your palate. But excess consumption can result in acidity.
Thus, read up on the local cuisine and the ingredients they use before you reach your destination. Being a regular patient of heartburn, eating anything when in foreign land can prove to be harmful. Spicy and fat- rich food is the most common culprit of heartburn and thus, should be avoided at all costs. So, before leaving for the trip, be sure to be well acquainted with the local food culture. Be aware of the foods to avoid (e.g. spicy and acidic foods) and foods which are safe for your consumption to keep acidity and heartburns away.

Refrain from Delaying Meals

Disruption in one’s sleep and meal schedule is quite common when on vacation or a long business trip. Although you might not be able to control it, when you eat try not to delay your meal too much. Ideally consume your meal 3 hours before you take to sleeping so the backflow of food has a minimal likelihood occurring.

Don Loose Clothes

While wearing body hugging apparel when on vacation might suit your fashion persona, it is a big no if you happen to suffer from acidity. Opt for loose clothes that give your body the air they need. Tight clothes can be incredibly restrictive causing discomfort especially in the waist region.
 This could inadvertently lead to an episode of heartburn and ultimately ruin your trip. Pack loose fitting clothes that are comfortable to don and give the tight pants and shirts and more importantly your belt a miss.  

Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption

Although vacations are the best time to bring out alcohol, you should keep a check on your consumption as excess can lead to acidity. Alcohol is known to increase acid production in the stomach causing acid reflux.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated by consuming a glass of water after every drink of alcohol. This would also result in reducing the number of alcoholic drinks you consume while simultaneously diluting the acid in your stomach. Also, try to avoid drinking fruity cocktails as they are rich in acidic juices that can trigger heartburns.

Avoid Skipping Meals

When on a vacation, we do tend to miss regular, small meals. Irregular food consumption can lead you to feel overly hungry which might result in overeating. To avoid such a situation, always carry a pack of healthy snacks with you so that you never have to go hungry for long which could otherwise cause acidity. When you do eat try not to lie down immediately after consumption of food as that increase the chances of reflux and causes acidity.

Carry Gas-o-Fast

For someone who believes in curing acidity the natural way, finding the necessary ingredients while travelling can be difficult. Thus, instead of carrying multiple ingredients, simply pack Gas-o-Fast which provides the perfect Ayurvedic cure. This herbal remedy combines the goodness of Jeera, Ajwain, Pudina and Saunf to provide you instant relief from heartburn.

Besides being all natural, it comes in a travel-friendly pack and can be carried anywhere conveniently. Nothing can be worse than getting stuck in an unfamiliar, foreign place without easy cure for heartburn! Thus, carry Gas-O-Fast with you everywhere so that your travelling experience is not hampered due to acidity or heartburns.
To keep acidity from ruining your vacation, ensure that you are well prepared to tackle it. To be able to fully enjoy the new place and make your trip a memorable one, be sure to keep a check on what and how much you eat and drink. Also, do not forget to carry Gas-O-Fast to prevent acidity from spoiling your journey and dampening your holiday spirit.

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