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Best Way to Use Cumin Seeds to Cure Acid Reflux and Improve Digestion

Best Way to Use Cumin Seeds to Cure Acid Reflux and Improve Digestion

July 26, 2019

Out stomach naturally produces and releases acid, sometimes when the process does not function routinely or is hindered by certain activities, the acid formation results in pain and discomfort. Now and then we experience acid formation in the body that is mainly caused because Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) – a valve at the stomach entrance - does not close at all or opens too often while it should close as soon as the food passes through it. This hindrance causes the natural, non-harmful acid in stomach to move up the esophagus and create acidity and heartburn.

Acid reflux happens due to large meals, lying down after meals, overweight, bedtime snacking, alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, smoking, pregnancy, as well as certain medicines and food such as citrus, tomato, chocolate, garlic, onions, or oily and spicy items. While there are multiple over-the-counter drugs available for acid reflux, take the trusted Gas-O-Fast Jeera sachet that brings together the goodness of cumin seeds and Gas-O-Fast properties to bring you the best and reliable cure for acid reflux

Cumin or most popularly called Jeera is an essential kitchen spice that is used in many of our everyday kitchen recipes such as pulses, beans, etc. A kitchen staple - widely used and loved spice – Jeera is a store of health. Benefits of Jeera for gas and acid reflux have been known for decades. Jeera/cumin seeds are enriched with natural oils that stimulate salivary glands and promote better digestion. It is also very effectual in reducing stomach ache and stomach burning. Regular consumption of cumin seeds has also proven to be beneficial for people suffering from diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, and several other related stomach problems

Jeera water due to its rich functional properties and presence of fiber and minerals improves the digestion and bowel movement in the body. Smooth and better digestion enhances the metabolic rate which also results in weight loss. Jeera secretes digestive enzymes, reduces bloating, and prevents unnecessary retention of water in the body. Jeera for gas problem and acid reflux is a great home remedy and when this is combined with the Ayurvedic goodness of Gas-O-Fast, the result is Gas-O-Fast Jeera that not only provides the nutrition of Jeera but also works as a natural medicine for acidity providing relief in seconds.

It is extremely low in calories, is anti-congesting, and rich in anti-inflammatory properties that block the crosstalk between the cells and restraining the signaling pathways. Jeera water is an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamin A and C, copper, manganese, and can destroy the harmful free oxygen radicals. Overall, Jeera water is a boon that has been easily granted and readily available. 

Best way to use Cumin/Jeera seeds

To get instant relief through cumin seeds, take one sachet of Gas-O-Fast Jeera as soon as you experience acid reflux symptoms. Apart from this, Gas-O-Fast suggests you try these simple methods to ensure you extract the maximum benefits of Jeera for gas and acid reflux.

•    Method 1: You can take a tablespoon of cumin seeds, boil them in two cups of water for approximately 10-15 minutes until the essence is extracted into the water. Once done, let the water cool down after which you can strain the water and drink it after all three meals to get rid of acid reflux and gas problems.
•    Method 2: Include cumin seeds in your everyday kitchen recipes such as use it as a spice while cooking pulses, rice, beans, green leafy vegetables, etc. Cumin seeds add a kick of flavor and a bit of crunch to the food
•    Method 3: Buy whole cumin seeds from the market, dry roast them in a pan until they gain that earthy and smoky flavor; allow them to cool before grinder them in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle.
•    Method 4: Jeera benefits are best derived when soaked in water overnight and consumed empty stomach first thing in the morning after you get up. Jeera, when soaked in water, swells up and releases essential nutrients into the water resulting in an earthy yellow colour. If you prefer some taste to this, you can preferably add some lime juice or cinnamon to it. Also, consume this water twice daily, 30 minutes post lunch and dinner for best results.
•    Method 5: Soak a teaspoon of Jeera in a glass of water overnight, boil this water the next morning and let the extract flow into the water. Strain it, let it cool, and then drink.
•    Methods 6: If you lack time and still want to make the most of the natural acid reflux cure, then take a tablespoon of Jeera with warm water every day on empty stomach and you will be free from stomach gas, bloating, acidity, heartburn, stomach burning, stomach ache, and various other stomach ailments.

That said, cumin or Jeera seeds are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They never really become the protagonist but always lay a flavorful foundation to the recipe. Similarly, in this case, Jeera combats the foundation of acid reflux and indigestion by releasing natural minerals, soothing properties, digestive juices, etc. into the digestive tract.

Gas-O-Fast suggests you try the ‘Gas-O-Fast Jeera’ and experience comfort and relief.

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