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How to Relieve Gas Pain Fast

How to Relieve Gas Pain Fast

March 25, 2019

Gas production is a natural consequence of eating food and digestion. Whatever embarrassing and irritating gas symptoms you experience, bloating, chest pain, belching or even passing gas, just know that it is a normal part about having a body. While it is a natural phenomenon, gas can get really painful at times. This happens when the intestinal gas pressurizes the digestive tract in the body because of undigested food. Usually, such pain sensations can be relieved immediately. But if the pain refuses to subside promptly or is related to worrying symptoms like diarrhea, extreme constipation or rapid weight loss, you must consult the doctor immediately. 

Generally, gas production is caused by undigested sugars, fibers and starches. It can also be a result of some health conditions like irritable bowels, lactose intolerance, and overgrowth of small intestinal bacteria. So, it is very important to identify the underlying reason behind excess gas production, to figure out a way to subside the pain.

Here are a few tips for quick relief from gas pain:

Drink hot water 

After a meal, if you have painful gas, you can drink a big glass of warm water. Sipping on warm water will help the gas-causing food to move in your system through digestion. This cools down the pressure build-up in your stomach by releasing the gas from your body or in the form of stool. Either way, you will begin to feel the pain subside immediately. Hot water is the easiest and quickest solution to relieving your gas pains. To avoid production of gas in the future, you can drink a glass of warm water after every big meal which will stimulate proper digestion. 

Drink warm tea

Gas pains can really ruin your day and even cause nausea, bloating or irritable bowel syndrome. In this case, some soothing teas like ginger, chamomile and green tea can alleviate any discomfort caused by gas. These teas are enriched with the goodness of powerful antioxidants. Their potent flavour not only helps to soothe the build-up pressure inside but also relieves stomach cramps, indigestion, irritable bowels and abdominal gas.


Peppermint can be consumed either in capsule form, oil or you can drink peppermint tea to relieve gas paint. Peppermint is a great ingredient that prevents the intestines to contract too much (which makes gas so painful). This minty treat provides you with fast relief from digestive conditions like bloating, indigestion and gas pain.                                                                                                                                           
Apply heat    

The best way to fight abdominal gas pain is by snuggling under a blanket with a heating pad against your abdomen. The warmth will help stop the intestines from spasming too much which will soothe the muscles in your gut. Heat pads have a relaxing effect, lessening the aching sensation in the process.

Move your body

Exercise is a great way to curb any future gas pains. It helps in moving and strengthening the abdominal muscles which in turn aids proper digestion of food. This provides relief from bloating and abdominal gas. One can always opt for less intense and soothing exercises. Yoga is a good option as it is beginner-friendly and great therapy for constipation, bloating and gas. It relaxes the nervous system which helps to ease digestion.

Apple cider vinegar

The trapped gas in your intestines can be really painful, giving rise to sharp pains, stomach cramps and tightness. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water can work wonders to fade away the abdominal gas pain. It stimulates the digestive juices, thus alleviating acid-reflux, bloating and gas pain quickly. Since apple cider vinegar is very acidic, you must not consume it directly. You must mix a tablespoon or two of this in a glass of water (warm water preferably) and sip on it. This will help to relax your abdominal muscles and inhibit pain sensations.  

Don’t suppress passing gas

Gas can be frustrating and embarrassing, but holding it in makes the pain even worse. It adds more pressure to the abdomen leading to bloating and tightness. The best thing to do is to release the trapped gas instead of thinking about modesty. Find a bathroom and relieve yourself or go to a quiet place to let that burp out. This will help to reduce the pressure in your intestines, giving fast relief from the annoying pain.

Pretty much everyone experiences gas and isn’t happy about it. Even though it is totally normal, trapped gas in the stomach can get excruciatingly painful and irritable. For those times, the above remedies are sure to provide you with fast relief. But nothing beats the effectiveness of Gas-O-Fast, which is enriched with Ayurvedic goodness.

It contains the benefits of Jeera, Ajwain, Pudina and Saunf which help stimulate proper digestion, preventing excessive build-up of gas. Gas-O-Fast travels to the source of gas production and provides quick relief from any discomfort. So, grab a sachet and don’t let the gas haunt you!

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