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Lifestyle changes to manage acidity and heartburn

Lifestyle changes to manage acidity and heartburn

November 21, 2019

Acidity or heartburn is very discomforting and also sometimes a painful problem. It essentially occurs when the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES), a valve at the stomach entrance, does not close at all or opens too often while it should close as soon as the food passes through it. This disturbance in the normal functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter causes the natural, otherwise non-harmful acid in the stomach to move up the esophageal leading to acidity and heartburn. While acidity and heartburn could be caused due to multiple reasons, it is important to know the acidity cures. While most of us would instantly opt for over-the-counter medications to soothe the discomfort, but that is only temporary. Sometimes, there is a need to address the underlying problem and remove the causes of acidity and heartburn, which is possible when you bring about some significant changes in the lifestyle.

Gas-O-Fast suggests you make these lifestyle changes to manage acidity and heartburn.

Avoid unhealthy bedtime snacking: One thing that really messes up the digestive process of the body is the late-night unhealthy snacking. The digestive system needs time to rejuvenate its juices and unhealthy foods hamper the system. Avoid high-carb foods, high-sugar foods, as well as greasy, fatty, and heavy food items. Also, one should not take large meals or fluids right before bedtime. Gas-O-Fast suggests you keep a minimum of 3-4 hour gap between dinner and bedtime to avoid acidity symptoms and heartburn. In the case of late-night hunger pangs, opt for healthier snacks.

Refrain from overeating: While some food might get your taste buds tingling, it is best to eat everything in limits especially if you are prone to acidity symptoms and heartburn problems. Even otherwise, too much consumption of food at once bloats the stomach and disturbs the normal digestion and breakdown of food. Gas-O-Fast suggests you have 4-5 small meals spread across the day at different intervals to increase metabolism and avoid the build-up of acid in the stomach.

Chew well: One golden rule to fight acidity problems as well as other stomach issues such as a gas problem or heartburn is to chew the food well. Do not gulp food or even drink water while eating food since that tends to clog the food at the bottom of the stomach resulting in the formation of stomach gas, acidity, and heartburn.

Avoid heartburn triggers: One very effective way to fight the problem of acidity and heartburn is to avoid certain food items that trigger heartburn and acidity symptoms such as onions, peppermint, chocolates, caffeine, citrus fruits, tomatoes, high-fat, oily and greasy foods. Gas-O-Fast suggests taking coconut water, cold milk, ginger tea, buttermilk, or drinking hot water to soothe acidity.

Maintain a healthy weight: Excessive body weight causes stress on the abdomen which promotes leakage of stomach acid and flows back. Excess of body fat severely affects the stomach and triggers the formation of gas in the stomach, the acid in the stomach, as well as leads to problems such as acid reflux. Thus, Gas-O-Fast suggests maintaining a healthy weight to relieve the abdominal pressure by eating healthy foods and indulging in a physical workout.

Quitting Smoking: The nicotine present in cigarettes can weaken the lower esophageal sphincter, which in turn loses control of its proper functioning and causes the acid in the stomach to flow back, leading to acidity symptoms and heartburn issues. Gas-O-Fast believes quitting smoking is an effective way to deal with the acidity and heartburn problem.

Take a slow walk post meals and exercise regularly: After eating any meal, it is best to take a walk for a few minutes to aid the body in burning and breakdown of food. This helps the food to swiftly flow through the digestive track and there is no acidity or trapping of gas in the stomach. A couple of yoga postures such as kapalbhati pranayama, halasana, ushtrasana, vajrasana, pawanmuktasana, anulom vilom, etc. – are very effective when you experience acidity and stomach gas troubles.

Avoid alcohol: Alcohol even in a tiny quantity causes more production of acid in the stomach than usual, which in turn causes inflammation of the stomach lining. This also leads to stomach ache, stomach gas and bloating, as well in severe cases can cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

Moreover, a few other small modifications in habits and adaptation of healing methods can prove beneficial in managing acidity and heartburn.

Eat 3 hours before sleeping
Avoid lying down for two hours after eating
Elevate your head while sleeping
Drink lots of water
Exercise regularly
Wear loose- fitted clothing

That said, in cases where you need relief from the discomfort, you can try home remedies for heartburn and acidity such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ginger tea, aloe vera gel, green tea or baking soda. Moreover, including Probiotics in your diet will help prevent acidity symptoms. For situations, where you need instant relief from acidity and heartburn, Gas-O-Fast suggests you keep Gas-O-Fast sachet handy; these are available in various flavours and work magically to cure acidity symptoms and heartburn instantly

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