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How Regular Yoga can improve Acidity

How Regular Yoga can improve Acidity

October 31, 2019

As a part of a normal digestive process, our stomachs produce hydrochloric acid which aids the digestion process. It ensures smooth breakdown of food and makes the flow of food flexible. Moreover, this acid also helps counter the germs that might enter along with the food. However, when the normal digestive process of the stomach is disturbed, there is an increased production of the acid and it also flows backwards to the esophagus, causing hyper acidity, stomach ache, stomach burning, and gas in stomach.

Acidity is a very common problem today. With the change in lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, the problem of acidity has affected most of us. While there are multiple over-the-counter drugs available for acidity cure, there is none more powerful and effective as Yoga in the long-term. Yoga for acidity has multiple benefits and also provides sustained, consistent results. Yoga is healthy not only for the stomach but also strengthens the whole body. Some of the benefits of Yoga for the stomach include:

  • It smoothens the flow of food through the digestive track and increases circulation
  • It reduces the overall stress of the body which would otherwise hamper the food digestion
  • It stimulates bowel movement and ease gas in stomach
  • It stimulates the endocrine glands, making them work more efficiently.
  • Yoga strengthens the digestive system, stomach walls, and tissues.

Yoga is a great medium to keep acidity problems away. Regular yoga practice of the some forms and poses is directed to remove acidity symptoms.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

The asana requires you to sit straight, cross-legged on the floor with both the palms resting on the respective knees. Take a deep breath and exhale with force pushing the stomach inside. Practice this everyday for 10 minutes and you will experience no acidity symptoms. The asana cures acidity, as well as stomach ache, stomach burning, bloating, and gas in stomach. More so, it also improves the respiratory function of the body, cures erectile dysfunction, enhances insulin production, flushes toxins, reduces stress, and aids in weight loss.


In this posture, you lay on your back with legs joint and palms touching the ground. Breathe normally and then while you exhale, push the palms and raise your legs and stretch them as much as you can to go behind your head. Hold the posture for 2-3 minutes and then keep your legs down. Do the asana 4 times each day for best results. This is very helpful in solving problems of acidity, improving digestion, strengthening abdominal muscles, reducing stress, as well as aiding weight loss and strengthening the spinal cord.


This is also called the camel pose. Ushtrasana helps the stomach release normal quantity of hydrochloric acid and supports the smooth flow of food through the digestive track. The asana oils the digestive system and helps in release of excess stomach gas. You need to sit on your knees and bend backward to hold your ankles with your hands. Thereafter, bend your neck and head backwards while at the same time pushing your stomach forward. Stay in the posture for few seconds till you breathing is normal. Post which return to your normal position and repeat the form 6 times a day for acidity cure.


A very effective and widely adapted asana to remove acidity symptoms is Vajrasana. In this form, you need to sit on your buttocks with your spine straight and knees folded. Keep the left and right palm on the respective knee and breathe slowly. Stay in this asana for 15 minutes after every meal and you will experience the difference in your acidity problems within the first week. This form aids digestion, reduced acidity symptoms, calms the mind, cures constipation, removes gas in stomach, reduces obesity, and improves blood circulation.


Pawanamuktasana is one of the best forms of yoga for acidity cure, stomach gas, and other related digestion problems. The asana requires you to lie flat on your back and inhale slowly while bending your knees inside to touch your head. Hug you knees and stay in that position for 30 seconds while trying to touch your nose to your knees. Slowly increase the time and frequency of the pose. Regular practice of the Pawanamuktasana is effective in curing gastrointestinal problems, acid indigestion, reducing belly flat, strengthens the organs, and supports reproductive organs.

Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom is quite a popular yoga pose but one which is easiest to do and also very effective for acidity problem caused due to stress. This needs to be practices on an empty stomach, sitting cross legged while keeping your right thumb on the right nostrils and breathing through the left, and vice versa. While doing this relax your mind and fill your body with fresh air and energy. Keep repeating this exercise for 5-10 minutes but remember to use your lungs to breathe rather than nostrils. This form is very helpful in improving blood circulation, relaxing the mind, strengthening the nervous system, improving the lung function, and several other bodily functions.

That said, yoga is really helpful for removing acidity symptoms and providing an effective long-term acidity cure. However, Gas-O-Fast suggests you to keep Gas-O-Fast flavoured sachets handy to get instant relief from acidity and gas in stomach. You can also try Gas-O-Fast Plus that are enriched with digestive properties to help remove acidity problems quickly.

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