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Health Benefits of Jeera Water for Improved Digestion

Health Benefits of Jeera Water for Improved Digestion

August 21, 2019

A kitchen staple - widely used and loved spice – Jeera is a store of health. Not only does it add a magical flavor to the dals, rice, and curries, it has also been used to cure several ailments and most importantly to improve digestion. Among other Jeera benefits, Jeera water has proven results in digestion improvement, weight loss, and health management. It is extremely low in calories, is anti-congestant, anti-fungal, and rich in anti-inflammatory properties that block the crosstalk between the cells and restraining the signaling pathways. Jeera water is an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamin A and C, copper, manganese, and has the ability to destroy the harmful free oxygen radicals. It also provides instant relief for gas, heartburn, and acidity. 

Drinking Jeera water (Jeera soaked in water) on an empty stomach right after you get up is extremely effectual for weight loss. Overall, Jeera water is a boon that has been easily granted and readily available. 

Gas-O-Fast suggests you try Gas-O-Fast Jeera and witness the magical results yourself. Gas-O-Fast Jeera sachet combines the goodness of cumin seeds and Gas-O-Fast properties to help you maintain good health. Some benefits of Jeera water for health and digestion include:

·Releases healthy enzymes: Jeera secretes enzymes that fasten the digestion process and help in breaking down fat, sugars, and carbs. These enzymes promote healthy digestion and aid the process of weight loss. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that ensure a smooth digestion process.

·Boosts metabolism: Jeera is extremely low in calories; it has just about 7 calories and helps in effective breaking down of food resulting in better digestion and thereby, higher metabolism. Jeera possesses a compound called ‘thymol’ which stimulates the digestion process and targets free radicals in the body helping it relieve of the toxins. Add some lime to a glass of Jeera water and drink it on empty stomach for best results.

·Detoxifies the body: The compound present in Jeera called ‘thymol’ is really effective to remove the free radicals and flush out toxins from the body, promoting the creation of healthier and newer cells - resulting in better health. Detoxification through Jeera water is easy and has proven results. Jeera water is also known to reduce the formation of acid in the stomach and lower gas troubles if taken in the right quantity.

·Improves bowel movement: Jeera water due to its rich functional properties and the presence of fiber and minerals improves the digestion and bowel movement in the body. Smooth and better digestion enhances the metabolic rate which ultimately results in weight loss. Jeera secretes digestive enzymes, reduces bloating, and prevents unnecessary retention of water in the body. You can also try Jeera for gas problems.

·Lowers LDL cholesterol: Amongst various other benefits of Jeera, Gas-O-Fast swears by this one. It is extremely useful in lowering the bad cholesterol that could otherwise lead to cardiovascular problems and diseases. It also significantly lowers your BMI helping you maintain a healthy and active body.

·Provides fiber and nutrients: Cumin or Jeera is full of fiber and nutrients such as copper, potassium, manganese, iron, etc. Due to high fiber and nutrient value, Jeera helps the body to boost the digestion process and not store food for later, resulting in no bloating or inflammation of the body. 

·Increases insulin sensitivity: Constantly high blood glucose levels make the body resistant to insulin, thus resulting in Type 2 diabetes, PCOs, as well as infertility. Jeera water helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.

·Hydrates: Jeera water right in the morning on an empty stomach works wonders, one of which being hydration of the body. It flushes out toxins, improves digestion, clears bowel movement, rehydrates the cells, accelerates weight loss, and helps the skin look brighter and younger.

That said Jeera water enhances the digestion and also acts as a catalyst in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercising. Jeera benefits are best derived when soaked in water overnight and consumed empty stomach first thing in the morning after you get up. Jeera, when soaked in water, swells up and releases essential nutrients into the water resulting in an earthy yellow color. If you prefer some taste to this, you can preferably add some lime juice, honey or cinnamon to it.

Also, consume this water twice daily, 30 minutes post lunch and dinner for best results. You can even boil this overnight soaked Jeera and let it cool before you drink. Gas-O-Fast also advises you to add Jeera to your daily cooking recipes, yogurt, etc. to derive higher Jeera benefits.

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