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Foods to add to your diet to get rid of acidity this Navratri

Foods to add to your diet to get rid of acidity this Navratri

November 01, 2019

India is a country of tradition and religious practices; and fasting is an essential part of our tradition. So, with the approaching festivities and the season of fasting – the auspiciously awaited Navratras when most people fast – it is very important to stay fit and healthy. It is significant to know what healthy foods to eat while fasting to get the most out of it. During fasting one of the major problems that people encounter is the acidity and gas in stomach which is essentially because of large period of starvation. While dieticians suggest it is important to fast once a while to detoxify the body and give time to our organs to rejuvenate, what they emphasis is on the importance of eating right and healthy rather than starving yourself during Navratras. Lack of stamina and weakness is often an after effect of the prolonged starving. Gas-O-Fast suggests you to read this and celebrate this Navratras healthy by adding these food to your diet to get rid of acidity.


Banana is rich in potassium which stimulates the lining of the stomach to produce mucous, leading to a lower pH level in the body. Production of mucous acts a lubricant to the digestive system and helps to keep acidity at bay. Banana is a natural antidote to acidity symptoms. It is also high in fibre content, which helps to avoid the recurrence of acidity. So, this Navratras while you fast, make sure to eat a lot of bananas at frequent intervals to keep yourself healthy and away from acidity.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is perfect home remedy for acidity this Navratras. It has supreme anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote natural and healthy digestion. It is also a natural cure for bloating and gas in stomach. You can grate an inch of ginger, boil it in a cup of water for 5 minutes, and drink it while you fast this Navratras to avoid acidity symptoms.

Coconut Water

Apart from the numerous health benefits of coconut water for the overall body, it is extremely helpful in curing acidity symptoms. Coconut water is isotonic in nature and keeps the pH level of the body in the normal level by preventing acidity. This effective drink also removes the toxins from the body and acts a quick acidity cure. This Navratras keep a stock of coconut water or grab fresh coconut water and keep yourself hydrated and away from acidity symptoms.

Cold Milk

The easiest natural remedy for cure acidity symptoms and heartburn is to take a glass of cold milk. This home remedy for acidity works magically to cure the discomfort by restricting the formation of acid in stomach and absorbing any excess acid and controlling any refluxes or burning sensations. Milk is enriched with calcium which hinders the creation of acid in stomach and calms the body providing instant relief from the heartburn.


Buttermilk or famously known as Chaas is also very helpful in neutralizing the acid in stomach. The presence of lactic acid in buttermilk eases the muscles providing relief from acidity and heartburn. You can also sprinkle some black pepper and a few coriander leaves for better results and taste. So, when fasting on these Navratras, feast on buttermilk or Chaas to keep all acidity problems away.

Musk Melon

This fruit works magically to cure acidity symptoms while fasting. It is enriched with antioxidants and fibre, which work together to provide excellent acidity cure. Musk Melon also helps in lowering the pH levels of the stomach, thus causing a calming effect on the stomach muscles and restricting formation of acid in stomach. The fruit is also very useful in maintaining a healthy mucous level, which prevents recurrence of acidity.

Hot Water

A simple yet a very useful trick to get rid of acidity symptoms while fasting on Navratras is to drink a glass of hot water at least 2 times a day. Hot water is naturally known to flush out toxins from the body, helping the stomach to function properly, maintain a natural pH level, and lower acidity symptoms.

Apart from adding these foods to your diet to get rid of acidity this Navratras, we also suggest you to try these useful tricks to stay away from acidity problems.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Do not overeat
  • Avoid sugar
  • Munch healthy snacks (such as sweet potatoes, fox nuts, roast nuts, etc.)
  • Pick fibre rich food
  • Avoid packaged food
  • Get good sleep
  • Don’t take stress or exert yourself

Moreover, remember to keep your stock of Gas-O-Fast flavoured sachets to get instant relief form acidity. Sachets are enriched with digestive enzymes and contain relaxant properties that help calm the stomach muscles and restrict formation of acid in the stomach. So, this year on Navratras - fast smartly, fast healthy.

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