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Food to avoid acidity in the rainy season

Food to avoid acidity in the rainy season

September 23, 2019

All of us love the rainy season and at the same time, drool over the tempting food that we all love to eat during the rainy season. It is also during the rainy season that cravings for certain food items aggravate, most of them unhealthy. Imagine raindrops falling on your head, the sound of the rain resounding in your ears and the smell of those items tickling your stomach – it is really overwhelming. However, it is very important to eat healthy during the rainy season to avoid any health problems. Monsoon brings not only rain but also various forms of bacteria and ailments. The major form of travel of these bacteria is through the food we eat. The infected food during the rainy season can cause indigestion, severe acidity, stomach ache, gas in the stomach, bloating, nausea, fever and several other health problems. Hence, it is very important to avoid certain types of food in the rainy season to stay healthy and keep away from diseases. 

Cut fruits kept for too long
One thing that is a complete no during the rainy season is the consumption of fruits that have been cut and kept for a long time before consumption. These fruits catch different kinds of bacteria and become contaminated making them lose their nutrients instead become more harmful for the human body. These bacteria tend to hamper the normal digestive process of the body and promote the creation of gas in the stomach leading to excessive acidity and stomach ache. 

Deep-fried foods
Since it is the rainy season, one thing everyone craves for in those drizzling drops of rain is those fried samosas, pakoras, and fries with a hot cup of chai. While we do understand that the smell of these foods will tickle your taste buds but trust us if you consume these, there are very high chances of falling sick and suffering acidity. Deep-fried foods in the rainy season are difficult to digest because the digestive system is slow and hence, tends to stay longer in the stomach causing gas in stomach and acidity. 

Sea Food
It is a well-known fact that monsoon is the breeding season of fishes and other forms of sea creatures. These fishes and sea creatures carry eggs in their bodies during this season which when consumed cause severe acidity, gas in the stomach, stomach ache, and bloating. In many cases, the consumption of seafood during the rainy season also causes stomach infection and serious food poisoning.

Green Leafy Vegetables
While you will be advised to eat green leafy vegetables all around the year but particularly during the rainy season - green leafy vegetables should be avoided as these become breeding grounds of various kinds of germs that hamper the normal digestive process of the body, leading to acidity and serious health problems. Hence, during the monsoons, Gas-O-Fast suggests you keep away from spinach, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, etc. 

Mushrooms grow in damp areas and often carry several bacteria, germs and even insects which when consumed can cause hyperacidity as they disturb the digestive process and lead to the formation of gas in the stomach.

Street Food
Monsoon is not just about pretty weather but also about dirt and filth that are its after-effects. One category of food item that is majorly impacted by the rainy season is the street food. Street food sold by vendors is a house of bacteria and infections. The cleanliness is low, the items are mostly stale, the ingredients are damp, and the water used is mostly contaminated. This unhealthy street food is a major source of acidity since the body is not able to effectively breakdown the food and is further pressurized by the presence of bacteria in the system. Gas-O-Fast suggests you avoid street food to stay clear from acidity, stomach ache, stomach burning, and several other health hazards.

Fizzy Drinks
Fizzy drinks or carbonated drinks are a strict no during the rainy season. These drinks reduce minerals in the human body, which leads to a reduction of enzymes that aid digestion. This disturbs the digestion process leading to more acidity problems and gas trouble

During the rainy season, our normal digestive system becomes sensitive and hence, proper care should be taken to ensure you stay away from acid in the stomach, stomach ache, stomach burning, stomach gas pain, and heartburn. Gas-O-Fast suggests you keep its sachets handy to tackle acidity problems during monsoon. These sachets are available in all flavours and bring you a complete cure of acidity. Alternatively, you can also try Gas-O-Fast Sachet that combine the Ayurvedic goodness with Gas-O-Fast properties to remove acidity from its roots. 

This season brings infections galore and hence, it is very critical to maintain personal hygiene and stay away from anything that can lead to health problems such as acidity. Gas-O-Fast advises you to eat smart, eat healthy and eat light to stay happy and fit during the best time of the year.

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