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Expert opinion on effective remedies to cure acidity

Expert opinion on effective remedies to cure acidity

November 18, 2019

During the course of natural digestive process, our stomach produces and releases acid. But when this natural digestive process is disturbed the acid tends to move up to the esophagus causing acidity. Lower Esophagus Sphincter (LES) is a valve at the entrance of the stomach that opens and closes at scheduled intervals during the digestion of food in the body. However, when the normal digestive process is hindered, this LES either does not close or opens too often whereas it should close as soon as the food passes through it. This weakening of the esophagus resulting in troubled digestion causes the acid in stomach to move up the esophagus and create acidity, as well as heartburn. This stomach acid otherwise, is natural and non-harmful but since, it flows back to the esophagus, the acid in stomach causes extreme pain and discomfort. When you are acidic, the PH balance maintained by the stomach is disturbed, causing it to remain acidic for long distressing the thin stomach lining.

While there are many causes of acidity, some of the general ones include eating spicy food, excessive consumption of oily foods, alcohol, lying down immediately after a meal, carbonated drinks, sweetened beverages, excessive consumption of coffee and tea, smoking, substance abuse, overweight, lack of physical activity, etc. These foods and lifestyle habits tend to cause a lot of problems including acidity, stomach ache, burning sensation, stomach gas, and more. While acidity is a fairly common problem today, it is still important to not ignore it instead try these effective home remedies for acidity cure.

Cold Milk

The easiest and the most effective home remedy for acidity is to drink a glass of cold milk whenever you experience acidity symptoms. Milk contains calcium which interferes with the formation of acid in stomach, and tends to absorb any excessive acid, stop any reflux of acid, as well as quickly heal the burning sensation. Cold milk calms the stomach muscles and provides quick relief to the sensitive stomach lining, curing acidity in turn. It is best to drink a glass of cold milk in the morning or whenever you experience acidity symptoms. Remember to drink the milk without any additives such as sugar.


An essential kitchen herb, ginger is also very useful in curing acidity problems. It is enriched with carminative properties that have a calming effect on the lining of the stomach, providing relief from acidity, stomach gas, cramps, as well as indigestion. Ginger also supports the normal digestive process by ensuring smooth flow of food through the digestive tract. It strengthens the digestive muscles, and strives to keep the LES healthy and functioning properly to avoid any formation of stomach acid. It is best to add ginger to your food recipes to get the best results; moreover, you can grate some ginger in cup of water, boil it for 5 minutes; strain the mix and drink it hot after every meal to get rid of acidity symptoms. You can add some honey as per taste.


Peppermint is natural relaxant and contains antispasmodic properties that amp up the digestion process and support effective breakdown of fats in the body. Peppermint is known to calm the stomach lining and muscles, promoting smooth flow of bile during the digestive process. To get relief through peppermint, you can keep Gas-O-Fast Pudina sachets handy to get instant relief from gas, stomach ache, stomach burning, acidity, and heartburn. Alternatively, you can boil a few peppermint leaves in water for approximately 15-20 minutes, strain the mixture, and drink it hot post all three meals of the day.

Chamomile Tea

Not just a fancy tea, Chamomile tea is very efficient in curing indigestion and vomiting caused because of indigestion. The tea eases the gut discomfort and reduces acid in stomach, while at the same time its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the stomach ache. The tea relaxes the gastrointestinal tract, causing the vomiting to stop and gas in stomach, acid in stomach to pass through easily. You can take chamomile tea sachets from the market and place one tea bag in a cup of boiling water; drink this hot after every meal or when you experience indigestion.


Because of being carminative in nature, cloves help to cure digestive problems such as gas in stomach, acidity, nausea, vomiting and heartburn. You can include cloves in your everyday cooking recipes especially kidney beans and black gram. Make a powder mix of cloves and cardamom (in same quantity) and drink it every day on empty stomach to cure the gas in stomach and acidity. Alternatively, you could also add a clove to boiling water while making tea and strain it to drink it hot.

Lemon Water

Lemon is alkaline in nature and aids smooth digestion process. It also neutralizes the acid in stomach while also supplying Vitamin C to the body. Lemon contains citric acid which keeps indigestion problems at bay. Lemon interacts with other enzymes in the stomach and stimulates the secretion of gastric juices. You can take one full size lemon, squeeze it in a boiling cup of water and drink it hot after meals or drink it on empty stomach in the morning by adding some honey to it.

Further, if you want immediate relief from acidity symptoms keep Gas-O-Fast sachets handy, these sachets are available in all flavours and contain digestive properties that work instantly to provide you relief.

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