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Acidity – 5 Ayurvedic Tips to get rid of it

Acidity – 5 Ayurvedic Tips to get rid of it

November 19, 2019

Acidity has become an everyday problem and something we often do not take seriously until it starts to show major symptoms affecting our body. Our stomachs normally produce hydrochloric acid while digesting food in the body. Acidity is caused when there is the production of excess acid in the stomach leading to discomforting situations and showing symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, stomach ache, gastric inflammation, consistent burps and ulcers in the stomach.

Acidity occurs due to several factors which all revolve around the diet and lifestyle of a person. Spicy, oily and greasy foods; smoking; excessive alcohol consumption; lack of physical activity; weak abdominal muscles; irregular eating patterns; excessive weight; bedtime snacking; and other foods such as tomatoes, chocolates, carbonated beverages, etc. These factors combined or individually can be responsible for the production of excess acid in the stomach, causing a burning sensation and extreme discomfort. While the first solution to cure acidity symptoms that most of us opt for is to take over-the-counter medication, but Gas-O-Fast suggests you instead take a trip to your kitchen and get these 5 useful Ayurvedic remedies for acidity cure


Coriander or more popularly known as Dhaniya is a very effective acidity cure. These seeds are enriched with anti-oxidant properties and dietary fibre that facilitates the bowel movement in the body helps in breaking down food, neutralising the stomach acid and advancing the healthy functioning of the liver. Coriander seeds also help in the production of digestive juices and compounds in the body, which aid in the digestion process. Moreover, these seeds are also a good source of phosphorus and calcium. Add coriander fresh leaves or coriander powder to your everyday food recipes or take a tablespoon of coriander juice and add it to half a glass of buttermilk to get immediate relief from acidity symptoms.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil or Tulsi works very effectively to cure acidity symptoms. It helps to reduce the production of excess acid in the stomach while on the other hand, it increases the creation of protective mucus, and calms the irritated stomach muscles. It works wonders in counteracting the effects of stress-induced ulcers that cause acidity. Moreover, Tulsi is known to improve immunity due to its anti-inflammatory properties and is also a natural detoxifying agent. So, the next time you experience acidity symptoms, chew on a handful of fresh Tulsi leaves, or alternatively boil 4-5 leaves in a cup of water, strain the mix and drink it hot. You can also add honey to this Tulsi tea, as per taste. 


Another Ayurvedic cure that Gas-O-Fast highly recommends is consuming Amla or Indian Gooseberry when experiencing acidity problems. Amla is full of anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants such as polyphenols that work naturally to reduce the production of excess acid in the stomach and lessen the toxic load on the stomach. Amla is also rich in fibre and releases gastric juices, which enhance the digestion process and breaking down fat in the body, providing relief from stomach ache, acidity, heartburn, bloating, and stomach gas. You can consume Amla in many forms – powder form with a glass of water, juice form with a glass of water empty stomach, or take Amla in raw form. You can try the Amla candies available in the market for easy consumption.

Powerful Mix Spices

Herbal spices such as cumin seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger powder contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties that help promote better digestion, relax the stomach muscles and prevent the production of excess acid in the stomach. Moreover, these herbs are carminative; contain digestive oils, useful enzymes that allow the food to pass swiftly through the digestive tract and enhance the process of breaking down of food in the body, leading to no clogging of gas in stomach or production of stomach acid. You can make a powerful mix of these spices to get quick relief from acidity symptoms; boil a glass of water and put these four raw spices in it and leave it to boil for 5 minutes, once done, strain the mix and drink the concoction. You can also crush/grind these spices to make it in the powder form and take on a tablespoon of the powder mix with lukewarm water each day post meals.


Peppermint is a natural relaxant and contains antispasmodic properties that amp up the digestion process and support the effective breakdown of fats in the body. Peppermint is known to calm the stomach lining and muscles, promoting a smooth flow of bile during the digestive process. To get relief through peppermint, you can keep Gas-O-Fast Pudina sachets handy to get instant relief from gas, stomach ache, stomach burning, acidity, and heartburn. Alternatively, you can boil a few peppermint leaves in water for approximately 15-20 minutes, strain the mixture, and drink it hot post all three meals of the day. 

Apart from these Ayurvedic tips certain useful lifestyle and diet changes help cure acidity symptoms such as taking a slow walk post meal, eating slowly, eating fresh and healthy food, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking and drinking, and avoiding acidity triggering foods. That said, if you experience extreme discomfort and need instant relief from acidity, you should keep your quickest ally handy – Gas-O-Fast flavoured sachets – that contain a mix of Ayurvedic digestive properties and function effectively to provide you relief within seconds.

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