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7 Things to Do When You Have Painful Gas Pain

7 Things to Do When You Have Painful Gas Pain

May 21, 2019

Gas is a normal body process. Everyone has it, and apart from the embarrassment of talking about it, one thing that bothers a lot of people is the nasty pain associated with it. Not everyone experiences the pain, but many do.  

Gas pain is caused when the body finds it difficult to expel the excess gas from the digestive tract. This can happen when gas is not moving well enough through the digestive system. Eating foods that cause an increase in gas production, or eating high fiber foods that take a longer time to digest can significantly increase the gas in your stomach, often leading to gas pain. But food habits are certainly not the only reason behind gas pain.

Although not very common, health disorders like ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome or bacterial growth in the small intestines can also trigger gastric problems. Such pain can sometimes interrupt your daily routine, but who wants to take a sick-leave for gas? There are no shortcuts to cure this bothersome problem, but here are a few things you can do to ease any gas related discomfort.


It may be difficult to get up and walk around while in pain, but it is suggested to try and walk. Walking helps to get rid of the painful gas as it is a form of exercise and good for the stomach. Taking a brisk walk, especially after a heavy meal, can prove to be very helpful as it facilitates digestion and helps the gas move along in your digestive tract.

Taking care of daily habits

If you have a tendency to smoke, chew gum frequently, or regularly consume with fizzy drinks, you might consider toning it down. While performing these activities, you swallow a lot of air that gets accumulated in the stomach, which ultimately increases gas. In fact, certain habits like drinking from the straw, gulping down too much water at a time, eating while talking, or swallowing food quickly without chewing can also trigger gas.

Reducing dairy intake

Overconsumption of dairy products can sometimes cause gas in the stomach. Lactase is an enzyme that the body produces to break down sugars present in foods that contain lactose. As a person starts to age, a lower amount of lactase is produced in their body. So consuming heavy-on-lactose products can lead to nasty gas issues. Keep your dairy consumption in check, especially if you’re prone to suffering from gas issues.

Keeping fiber consumption in check

Fiber is one of the main components of a healthy diet. It helps prevent constipation and regulate bowel movements. But too much consumption of fiber can increase gas. That’s because it is a tough nutrient to break down in the stomach and stays in there for a long time, making the bacteria work harder to break it down.


Yoga is the go-to-cure for a lot of diseases. Certain yoga postures can help ease bloating, abdominal and chest pain due to gas. It is definitely not witchcraft that can cure gas within seconds, but doing it consistently does show long-term benefits. Some positions good for your stomach are-

Janu Sirsasana (head-to-knee) – Stretch one leg in the front and fold the other one along the floor. Fold it such that the sole touches the inner thigh of the stretched leg. Keep the torso straight and then bend forward so that the head touches the knee. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then do the same with the opposite leg.

Paschimottasana (forward bend while sitting) - Sit with your legs stretched out at the front. Your feet should be together. Now slowly bend forward and grab your feet.

Drinking hot water

This works when we don’t have enough time. Gulping down hot water can provide relief almost immediately. This work as a quick solution, but drinking a glass of warm water right after you wake up in the morning works long term in eliminating all stomach related issues.

Other remedies

Papaya- Abundance of an enzyme called papain in papaya helps in digestion of dietary proteins and arrests the production of excess gas in the stomach.
Clove Oil- Consuming after meals improve the action of digestive enzymes, thus reducing the amount of gas in the intestines.

Garlic- A garlic bulb is present in almost all kitchens. Consume a clove of fresh garlic to feel better and ease that discomfort caused by gas.

If you want instant relief from gas, you should definitely try Gas-O-Fast. Infused with the goodness of Ayurveda, it comes in a variety of options including jal jeera, lemon, orange, and even Cola! It provides relief from gas within seconds and cures other problems like indigestion and acidity. The next time gas bothers you, grab your favorite flavor and try it for yourself.


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