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5 tips to treat gastric headache

5 tips to treat gastric headache

September 30, 2021

Sometimes it’s been noticed that headache occurs along with the symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) disorder. There is no proof to date that can reveal the reason behind the relation between these two. But, many people deal with both at the same time and look for solutions to get instant relief from gas and headache.

However, there is no specific medical solution to treat both the problems, but changes in some daily life choices and a few simple steps can help in reducing these health issues.

Let us know some highly effective solutions that can keep headaches caused by acid reflux at bay.

Try not to consume nicotine

Consumption of nicotine products like vapes and cigarettes relaxes the muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter. It allows acid to flow in the upward direction and this may cause gastric headaches. So, it is recommended that you stop consuming such harmful products.

Take antacids

There are many over-the-counter products that one can take to get instant relief from acidity and heartburn. For instance, taking highly effective antacids like Gas-O-Fast is highly beneficial in treating such issues. It alleviates heartburn and neutralizes acid on contact to provide instant relief from gas-related issues.

Avoid alcohol consumption

Consuming alcohol regularly is another major reason for acid reflux and headache. Drinking alcohol daily can drastically trigger heartburn and the hangover caused by its consumption leads to headache, vomiting, reflux, and nausea. Moreover, alcohol also has an adverse effect on our liver health. Thus, it’s better to minimize its intake.

Implement dietary modifications

Our eating habits and food choices play a crucial role in keeping health issues at bay. Eating spicy or high-fat food can elevate the GERD problem and may result in gastric headaches. Reducing the intake of such food or any other food that triggers acidity and causes headache is the best option to stay away from digestive issues.

Avoid reclining right after eating

Staying upright after eating can keep the acid in the stomach instead of allowing it to move in the upward direction towards the esophagus. Going to bed at least after 2 hours of having food will help in reducing acid reflux and the resulting headache.

Following the aforementioned tips can help in reducing gastric issues. But, in case these suggestions are not giving desired results, you can take tablets for gas and acidity. Also, it is better to get in touch with a doctor if the problem is getting serious. The doctor will do a thorough examination and figure out the prime cause behind this issue.

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