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5 Tips To Make Your Travel Acidity Free

5 Tips To Make Your Travel Acidity Free

April 04, 2023

A vacation is an excellent way to relieve stress, unwind, and travel the world. While on the other hand, it presents its own set of difficulties if you occasionally suffer from acidity issues. Consider new sleeping environments, new food triggers, and excessive drinking while on vacation. So, how can you travel with acid reflux safely and happily? Let us explore!

Even though travelling can be a fantastic experience, it can make your acid reflux symptoms worse. Continuous motion can exhaust you and long trips that involve crossing time zones might disrupt your sleep and food schedules.

When you're travelling, it's more difficult to monitor your health. This may cause a great deal of stress on your body, and we all know how closely stress and acid reflux are related. Additionally, it might be difficult to eat meals on time when you're travelling for work and may not have access to food right away or must settle for the food at conferences and buffets.

Let's talk about some tips for travelling while suffering from acidity and gas problems since cautious preparation around these issues is just as crucial as preparing your schedule

1. Eat Mindfully 

Vacations are all about getting out and seeing new things and trying new foods. To keep up your acidity friendly diet, be careful while selecting restaurants. You can go for acid reducing foods such as oatmeal, watermelon, salmon, sweet potato, etc. When sampling a new cuisine, knowing how to order properly will help you appreciate your food much more. 

2. Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol leads to heartburn by disallowing the proper functioning of the lower oesophagal sphincter, thereby, adverselyely affecting the food pipe and upper stomach. 

3. Be prepared 

When on vacation, it is not always possible to keep tight control over your diet. So carry Gas-O-Fast Asli Jeera with you to avoid uncomfortable situations arising due to acidity that won’t let you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Gas-O-Fast is a really easy and quick solution for relief from acidity. Plus, its refreshing taste overpowers the sourness of acid building up in your stomach. 

4.  Don’t Skip Meals While Visiting Sites 

Pack some wholesome travel snacks in your bag if you have a busy schedule and can't stop for a meal in between. This will prevent you from getting hungry while you're out and about.

5.  Ensure That You Sleep Enough 

Changes in time zones and lack of sleep both have the potential to disrupt your sleep cycle. Once you reach your destination, give yourself plenty of time to get used to these changes. If you can't lift the head or upper body of the bed to prevent food and acid from flowing back up the oesophagus, make sure you ask the hotel for additional pillows.

It is possible to travel safely and happily while suffering from acid reflux with careful planning and dedication. Happy travels!

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