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5 best food to Improve Digestion this winter

5 best food to Improve Digestion this winter

November 09, 2019

The cosy mornings, the lazy afternoons and the ever-so-lovely nights of the winter often tend to take a toll on our digestive processes due to the tempting desire to eat delicious winter special food while also the increasing desire to stay indoors cuddled up in the blankets. Well, as the winter starts to approach, the body starts to conserve energy and slows down the metabolism rate. Whereas on the other hand, as the body is exposed to low temperatures, the desire for comfort winter food including soups, teas, coffees, stews, halwas, paranthas, etc. tends to tickle the stomach; and all of this starts to show on the weight, as well as in the poor digestion leading to stomach gas, bloating, acidity, and stomach ache. Well, there is nothing to worry, because Gas-O-Fast has some great news, here is the list of 5 best foods that will help you improved digestion this winter.

The Winter Greens
The low temperatures not only bring cosy weather and beautiful evenings but also a lot of nutritious bundle of green leafy vegetables which work miraculously on the digestive system of the body. The variety, the taste, the flavour – of the vegetables will have you sing with joy while also help you stay away from gas troubles, acidity, bloating, and stomach ache. Winter vegetables such as mustard greens, fenugreek, spinach, bathua, etc. all full of dietary fibre that helps enhance the bowel movement and promote digestion. These vegetables are fulfilling and keep you full for long thereby curbing your unnecessary hunger pangs that lead on to fatty and unhealthy food including chips and sweets. You can consume these winter green in the form of a salad with lots of dressings, make some delicious vegetables, make stuffed paranthas, or even better splurge on them in soups or stews for best health results.

While most your cringe on the idea of including ghee in your diet, it might actually be a really big mistake for your digestive system. Ghee has proven health benefits and is a wonderful aid for smooth digestion; it provides lubrication to ensure smooth flow and breakdown of food in the body. Moreover, ghee aids the healthy gut bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which ultimately supports better digestion. Unlike popular beliefs, ghee also helps in weight loss since it contains fat soluble vitamins, as well as balancing hormones that also support healthy vitals such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Ghee aids the immune system, helping it fight the bacteria that create stomach gas and acidity.

Warming Herbs and Spices
Winter calls for a host of herbs and spices to be included as a part of kitchen recipes to get all the wonderful digestive benefits from them. Warming herbs and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cayenne, nutmeg, Jeera or cumin seeds, caraway, Ajwain, and cloves – all work magically to strengthen the immune system, as well as promote healthy digestion of food and breakdown of fat in the body. These herbs and spices can be used by roasting them in the everyday food recipes, as well can be consumed in stews, soups, teas, or in the form of kadha – the winter special. Alternatively, you can consume a tablespoon of dry roasted Jeera with lukewarm water, or boil a spoonful of Jeera in water and strain the mix to drink it hot. Gas-O-Fast also suggests you to keep Gas-O-Fast Jeera sachets handy this winter to get instant relief from any digestive problems such as stomach gas, acidity, stomach ache, bloating, and heartburn. 

While fibre is good for irrespective of the season, it comes to centre stage during winter especially. Food rich in fibre regulate the digestion process, provide bulk to the stool and enhance bowel movement. Fibre foods also keep sugar level under control and aid in maintaining good heart health. Fibre in winter can be sourced from all the winter green leafy vegetables, as well as winter specialties such as carrots, radishes, guava, apples, etc. that are possessed with soluble and insoluble properties that aid better digestion in winter, keeping you away from stomach ailments such as gas troubles, heartburn, acidity, bloating, etc.

Protein is a demand of the body for all seasons but in winters it becomes crucial to consume foods rich in protein to ensure the body is breaking down food effectively and there is no clogging of gas in stomach or build up of acid in stomach. Protein can be obtained from plants as well as animals and both forms are equally good depending on one’s preferences. Proteins provide structural strength, healthy skin, improved immunity, and better bowel movement. You can also eat recommended quantity of nuts, seeds, as well as chicken, eggs, lamb, pork, kidney beans, lentils, yogurt, etc. to gain all the required protein.

That said, these winters also remember to take home remedies for gas and other related stomach ailments to ensure there is minimum discomfort. You can take ginger tea or green tea post every meal to get rid of any digestive problems such as gas in stomach, acidity, heartburn, flatulence, bloating and stomach ache. Moreover, for critical situations you can keep Gas-O-Fast flavoured sachets handy that contain digestive enzymes which work instantly to provide you relief from digestive problems. 

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