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Hing Home Remedy

Hing is a popular spice that makes an indispensable part of Indian cuisine; when added to food, it gives the food a particular fragrance and flavour that is loved by everyone; but not many know about its remedial benefits. Hing is excessively used in treating stomach ailments such as acidity, flatulence, constipation etc. It maintains stomach health and has a bitter and strong taste. 

This strong flavoured spice is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and anti-flatulent properties that relieve gas, acidity and irritable bowel. A pinch of hing in your daily meals can keep you away from many stomach problems. 

How to use:

•You can dissolve Hing in warm water and drinking it daily after meals bring huge benefits to the stomach.
•For those who don’t like the taste of hing, can massage hing powder and mustard oil on their navel for instant relief from stomach aches. 
•It is also suggested to add Hing to foods that are tough to digest. A pinch of Hing powder will not only add flavour to your food but also prevent indigestion. People in India make sure they add it in all pulses and beans. 
•Ginger and Hing together works wonders for your stomach.
Make your own ginger and hing tea by adding ginger powder, rock salt and a pinch of hing in a cup of warm water. It will immediately help you get relief from acidity and flatulence.


Hing has anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, laxative, anti-flatulent and anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with problems like irritable bowel flatulence and an upset stomach.

Hing has antacid properties, hence it works as a natural alkali for acidity and heartburn to provide immediate relief. 

It also reduces pain and cramps in the stomach and can be used in times of excessive menstrual cramps.