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9 Benefits of Jeera Water For Weight Loss And Health

9 Benefits of Jeera Water For Weight Loss And Health

May 02, 2019

Jeera Benefits

Cumin seeds, commonly called jeera, hold excellent medicinal properties. The addition of jeera to one’s daily diet can boost immunity and increase the metabolic rate, resulting in improved health. Cumin is a common ingredient in culinary recipes in the Mediterranean and South-West Asian cuisines. It is a common spice used to add a warm and earthy flavor in curries and tamales. Let’s look at some of its health benefits.
Jeera water for weight loss

Cumin has various nutrients and properties that make consumption of jeera water an effective solution in weight loss

-    Cumin is low in calories. One teaspoon of jeera has 7 calories. 
-    Jeera water is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese, and copper. These vitamins and minerals neutralize the free radicals in the body. 
-    Cumin has anti-inflammatory properties. A continuous state of inflammation leads to obesity. Regular consumption of jeera water increases the metabolic rate. 
-    Jeera water increases HDL levels and decreases LDL levels. Researchers have shown that it brings down the BMI and improves the lipid profile of individuals. 
-    It also facilitates efficient and quick digestion as it stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and bile secretions. Bile helps in the digestion of fats in the intestine. This results in a decrease in body fat percentage and circumference of the waist. 
-    Jeera water helps flush out toxins. Accumulation of toxins in the body results in an increase in stress, inflammation, constipation, and indigestion. 
-    Cumin increases insulin sensitivity and manages blood sugar levels. Regulated blood sugar levels keep obesity at bay. 
-    Cumin helps keep cells turgid and active. 

Health benefits of jeera water
1.    Gastric problems – Cumin improves metabolism and prevents indigestion. It stimulates the production of gastric, digestive enzymes and the release of bile. It prevents acidity, indigestion and bloating. Gas-O-Fast's Active Jeera powder offers quick relief against gastric troubles.

2.    Immunity and metabolism – Cumin has anti-microbial properties. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi on food. When digested, cumin releases megalomicin which is an antibiotic. Cumin reduces drug resistance of bacteria. The metabolic rate of the body also increases on regular consumption of cumin. There is an increase in energy levels.

3.    Pregnancy and menstruation – Cumin increases lactation and digestion during pregnancy. The rich reserves of potassium and iron stimulate secretion from the mammary glands. Cumin has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which decrease cramps and pain during menstruation. 

4.    Antioxidants – Cumin is rich in antioxidants such as terpenes, alkaloids, phenols, and flavonoids. Oxidation of fatty acids leads to the clogging of arteries which is closely followed by heart disorders. The oxidation of DNA leads to cancer. Antioxidants also prevent free radical reactions from taking place. 

5.    Respiratory problems – Jeera has anti-congestive properties. It clears out mucus from sinuses and respiratory passages. Jeera water brings relief to common colds and cough. The anti-inflammatory properties prevent bronchitis and inflammation of respiratory passages. 

6.    Diabetes – Cumin decreases blood sugar levels. It stimulates the production and secretion of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for the breakdown of glucose. Therefore, jeera water helps control diabetes. 

7.    Narcotics dependency – Regular consumption or jeera water by drug addicts help in the withdrawal process. When jeera water is continuously administered, there is a noted decrease in addictive behavior and withdrawal symptoms in mice. The effect on humans is still under study. 

8.    Skin – Cumin has an abundant supply of minerals – manganese, potassium, copper, calcium and selenium. These minerals help achieve glowing and radiant skin. Vitamin E battles the signs of aging. The anti-bacterial properties of cumin combat acne. 

9.    Hair – Cumin seeds have extensive reserves of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water these supplement hair growth and shine.

Ways to integrate cumin into daily life

  •    Soak cumin overnight. Next morning, boil the water and drink it every morning. Chew the soaked seeds. They help eliminate excess fat from the body and regulate bowel movement. 
  •   Add Gas-O-Fast’s Active Jeera to water and drink immediately. 
  •    Add roasted or powdered cumin seeds to curd. The powdered cumin helps in weight loss. 
  •    Add cumin powder to a mixture of honey and water. Drink the concoction once daily.
  •     Add cumin to vegetable broths and on rice to enhance flavor and increase the nutrition content of the food. 
  •     Use powdered cumin as a salad dressing. 
  •     Add cumin to a turmeric face mask to decrease signs of aging and achieve glowing skin. 

In India, cumin has been used through the decades for its medicinal properties. It is also used to add flavor and aroma to food. Cinnamon and apple cider vinegar can be added to jeera water to enhance its benefits. Visit for jeera benefits

Jeera water is most effective when it is consumed on an empty stomach or twenty minutes after a meal. Consume it on a daily basis to see results. 

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