When My Choices Became Bane

When My Choices Became Bane

I am an IT personnel with a multi-national company.  I work overtime and have a sedentary lifestyle. Most of my friends know me for sitting in front of a laptop, typing away for hours. And all this happens in such a stressful work environment, that I lose thought of eating anything. In a nutshell, primarily I toil empty stomach and now addicted to junk food.

Becoming a techie was by choice so a sense of ownership towards my work came with it. Little did I know that my choices would one day become a curse.  I had been suffering from a chronic case of acid reflux and heartburn. That heavy feeling on my chest and the sharp sensation below the sternum ruled me every day.

It wasn’t until very recently that a friend of mine suggested me to try Gas O Fast sachet. I took it with water and within a minute I could feel that weight getting lifted off my chest. I felt as if I was reborn into a new person who didn’t have any acidity problems at all. A person who was happy and content with the choices he made.

Gas O Fast made me a happier being. All thanks to this amazing product!

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