When Juliet saved Romeo

When Juliet saved Romeo

When Juliet saved Romeo

Romeo and Juliet is one of the best love stories we ever came across in this world. Thousands of stages play this beautiful love story every year.

Every aspiring actor or actress wants to become an important part of these stage plays at least once in their life time.

I am an aspiring actor from Mumbai who has appeared in many stage plays and a few commercials as well. One day I got to know through a casting agency that one of a prominent theater director is looking for new faces for the lead roles of his new stage play based on Romeo and Juliet.

As I was a trained actor, it took me a few hours to get into the character. I reached the audition venue where hundreds of contestants were waiting for their turn, but the male lead role of the play was written in my destiny. After six days I got the confirmation call from the production unit that I have got selected for the role of Romeo. I was on cloud nine after getting this news.  I knew that many famous personalities of the industry would come to see the stage play from a renowned theater director and if I perform well in this role then it would surely change my fate in Bollywood.

The play was scheduled for the next month and we started practicing under the guidance of our director immediately without wasting a day. Our team passionately rehearsed for the next four weeks.

Two days prior to the show, we all decided to do a dress rehearsal till late night continuously so that we can cover our minute mistakes as well. As expected, nobody opposed as we all were dedicated artists. Late night rehearsals and heavy meals at odd timings left my stomach very upset.

It was our show next afternoon, but I was disturbed due to Gas and Acidity since morning. To get rid of my upset stomach, I even took medicine, but it didn’t really help. Somehow I managed to reach the theater where everyone was waiting for me. Though I was not in the situation to go onto the stage, but I was aware of the consequences too, so I quietly dressed up as Romeo, but at that moment the Romeo’s mind was totally seized by Gas and Acidity instead of Juliet.

Just a few minutes before my entry onto the stage, Juliet came into the male green room to discuss something and she realized that I was not well. She asked me the reason of my weird behavior. I reluctantly told her everything about my stomach problem.

She asked me to relax and quickly took out a sachet of GasOFast from her bag. I drank it after mixing it with water and within a few minutes I was free of all my Gas and Acidity problems.

Finally, I went onto the stage and gave the best performance of my life so far. The show went fantastic and the audience appreciated our whole performance with loud applause. It was just a few days later, a filmmaker called me to appreciate my performance and invited me to come to his office for a screen test for his next project. Our conversation is still in progress; let’s see if I get the lead role in the film.

Seriously, even today I get goose bumps when I think about what would have happened if Juliet and GasOFast had not saved me from Gas and Acidity. I would like to thank Juliet and GasOFast for getting me a break in an upcoming film.

Image Courtesy: losangelesballet

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