Vacation made possible

Vacation made possible

December being the last month of the year and season’s greetings, I decided to go on a vacation to Kerala. I thought it is a good change from the winter season of the north.

My tickets and itinerary were sorted and all I had left to do was packing and eventually heading out.

It was the night before my journey and my mom advised me to have light food as it was better for travel. I however did not listen to her and went out for a party with my friends. We had all kinds of spicy foods and fizzy drinks; on top of that I am a chain smoker.

This deadly cocktail of all bad choices gave me acidity the very morning I was travelling. It was as if I am paralyzed and in excruciating pain. My mom immediately gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast with a glass of water. I gulped everything down in one go and soon after felt the pain go away.

I got ready and started my journey. I am not wrong in saying that Gas-O-Fast made my vacation possible.

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