Tips to Stay Healthy

Tips to Stay Healthy

Healthy eating habits are the password to a healthier mind and body. We all know that food plays a vital role in staying fit. Hence, it is advised to intake the required amount of vitamins and proteins. This helps the body in staying active and healthy. Following are some of the suggestions that must be followed for a healthy body:-

Follow Balanced Diets – Before eating, you must assure that the food contains all nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Lack of these nutrients may give birth to health problems such as heart disease, anemia, low immunity and more.

Steam, not Cooked Vegetables – It is advised that the vegetables must be steamed and not cooked. This is one of the best ways to prevent vitamin loss from the vegetables. In case, the vegetables are cooked on high temperature, the nutrients get lost.

Eat More Raw Food – Raw foods must be a part of your food. Raw food like vegetables, seeds, salads, and low sugar fruits must be eaten in good quantity on a daily basis. These have high nutritional value and can be easily digested.

Use Gas-O-Fast – In the case of overeating or some uneasiness felt in the stomach, a sachet of Gas-O-Fast can be of a great help. It provides relief from acidity instantly. It is the best natural antacid brand easily available at nominal rates in the market.

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