Those were the best days of my life!

Those were the best days of my life!

We all know how exciting college days are. That first entry into the hostel, meeting new people, sharing your room with someone and the dread of ragging; a new beginning of life! Then we make friends and live the best time. They are the buddies, we share our stories with. They become an integral part of the experience, our partners in crime.

There is a memory of my college, which I can never erase from my mind. My friend Ashish and I were big time foodies. We just loved to eat whatever we could manage. Soon we started exploring all the roadside restaurants, dhabas, street food stalls, food joints, etc. In the course of time I discovered that I had gained an ability to digest anything. I was enjoying my hardcore guzzling. But Ashish was facing the darker side. Very soon he started having indigestion and gas problems. He ignored it initially and just thought it would get back to normal on its own.

It was our farewell night when all my classmates gathered and we had a celebration where all our favourite dishes were served.  Ashish and I knew it would be the last time that the college department was going to feed us, that too for free, and we were not going to miss the chance. We forgot the whole world and started eating as if there was no tomorrow.

His situation deteriorated as heartburn and indigestion started troubling him. One of our friends gave him a sachet of GasOFast. The moment he gulped it, he started feeling relieved.

And again we started enjoying. GasOFast saved our blissful moments!

Thankyou GasOFast!

Image Courtesy: marltongateway

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