The foodie in me learnt a lesson

The foodie in me learnt a lesson

I am a die-hard foodie and not ashamed of it. I have always loved food and have been an avid food blogger. Due to this passion, I have received many awards and accolades in the digital world.

What people don’t understand that trying out these different foods can actually make you sick. They can see the lovely pictures and read the insightful articles I write and think it is all very easy. I have had a very bad experience once and I am going to share it with you all.

I went to a famous street food stall in the heart of my city to explore some forgotten snacks of India. In my opinion, the love for any type of food should ever vanish with age and this article was my way of making people realize what they have been missing.

Food at Restaurant Table

I went to this famous shop and asked for all kinds of snacks. I took many pictures too. It was a hot day with crowded streets. But as I said, the foodie in me was raring to go! I had as many snacks as possible and sometime between taking pictures and interviewing the shop owner I realized I am getting an acidity attack. The pain was excruciating and not even a glass of water could make it go away. The shopkeeper understood my situation and immediately rushed inside. He got me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast and a glass of water. I soon emptied the contents of the sachet into the glass and finished everything in one go. I felt the pain subsiding instantly and eventually going away.

I now have learnt a very important lesson. “Love food but keep Gas-O-Fast handy.”

Image Courtesy: WalletHub, ShekKnows

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