The day I got the ultimate acidity cure

The day I got the ultimate acidity cure

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was in the 3rd year of my college and we were taking our final exams. You know how youngsters are, they hardly study the whole year and expect to get good grades by studying overnight.

I too was the same. I slogged and burnt the night oil 24 hours before the dreaded exam. My friends joined me too for group study. It was a good way to mug up and retain as much information as we all can.

We had a lot of stuff to eat, courtesy my darling mom. Chocolates, spicy and fried snacks, cold drink, chips; you name it.

We spent the whole night eating junk food, drinking cold drink and coffee and most importantly, studying. We hardly slept and soon the time to get ready came.

That was when it happened; all of us were not feeling well. We had excruciating stomach ache and were feeling as if we will faint. We were feeling so helpless that taking this exam seemed a far-fetched dream.

My mom came in to the room to check up on us and saw our state. She immediately gave us Gas-O-Fast sachets with glasses of water. We emptied the contents of the sachet in the glasses and gulped everything down in one go. We felt the uneasiness and pain going away instantly and the funniest part was the burps we all had.

All of us got ready quickly and took the exam and passed it too; all thanks to Gas-O-Fast and my mother.

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