The Amazing Saunf

The Amazing Saunf

Saunf or fennel seeds are one of the most fragrant and yummy gifts of nature. It is used as a herb as well as a spice in cooking all over the world.

Saunf also has amazing medicinal effect on the human body. It is such a widely used and effective natural product that Gas-O-Fast has also come up with a new Saunf flavor. Now you can get instant relief from acidity with the awesome and refreshing taste of Saunf.

Some benefits of Saunf are:

  1. It is an anti-flatulent. Saunf helps in preventing stomach bloating.
  2. It helps in indigestion
  3. It has a cooling effect on the digestive system
  4. It fights acidity
  5. It is packed with antioxidants and therefore helps in detoxifying the body.
  6. It boosts the immune system

The best thing about Saunf is that it can be consumed in any way you want. Just chew on few saunf seeds after your meals; refresh your mouth and digest your food simultaneously.

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