Story Of A Common Man

Story Of A Common Man

Theater and my life are quite same. People never stop coming to the theater and the same goes with the problems in my life. Sometimes it is crowded and sometimes it is not but it is never empty. I am always engrossed with some problem or the other.

I am a middle-class man and the only bread earner of the family. My weak shoulders bear the responsibility of the whole family without resting for a single day, but things can never last long like this.

I soon began facing regular stomach issues out of nowhere. Thanks to my wife, she immediately took me to the doctor and after a session of 1 hour, the doctor told me that the reason of my bad stomach is lack of rest and stress. He then told me a lot about how stress can really upset someone’s stomach badly.

Doctor asked my wife to help me out of this problem as it can be really dangerous if left untreated. He also suggested Gas-O-Fast to curb my stomach issues like heartburn and acidity.

Gas-O-Fast is one fantastic product that really helps me a lot whenever I am in trouble. It immediately relieves me of acidity and the plus point is that it has the goodness of Jeera and Ajwain too.

Things are better now and I am working out on my lifestyle to fight with stress effectively. My nights are peaceful and days are good.

Life never stops pushing forward. Stay focused and never slows down. Just Smile, forget and keep moving.

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