Special occasions and Gas Should Never Go Hand In Hand

Special occasions  and Gas Should Never Go Hand In Hand

I am engaged with my dream boy. He is tall, handsome, intelligent and courteous. Of course, nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them. He too had a shortcoming, but his merits are too many to be diminished by just one fault. I should say problem rather than saying a shortcoming or fault.

Actually, my would-be husband often faces stomach problems and he is too lazy to treat this predicament or avoid food that doesn’t suit his tummy. He is a hardcore foodie and always ends up complaining about discomfort from gas, heartburn and acidity.

I remember one such incident when his stomach was out of control and he was really expelling terribly bad odour. It was our engagement ceremony and most of our close relatives were invited.

What happened that day was incredibly embarrassing for me!

He ate a stomach full that day and the results were the same- acidity and gas. There’s absolutely no stopping him where food and feasting is concerned.

The stage was set for us. As I was approaching the sofa where the ceremony was to happen, I saw people covering their noses with handkerchiefs. The moment I saw that, I knew it must be him making the others  suffer due to his stomach problem. I asked my dear sister to call her Jiju aside for a moment to talk privately with me.

Meanwhile, I went back to the makeup room and took out a sachet of GasOFast from my handbag. As soon as he arrived, I handed him a glass of water and GasOFast. He knew that I was unhappy about what he did today. It was embarrassing for both the families. He gulped it down within a second like it was some sort of divine water, not wasting a drop of it. Within minutes, he was ready to return to the stage. We came back to the ceremonial seat together smiling hand in hand. Thankfully, his problem was sorted out. With the sweet smell of flowers and fresh air all around us we completed our engagement ceremony cheerfully.

When all my in-laws were about to leave, I asked him to meet me discreetly for a minute. As soon as he came near me, I hugged my love tightly and handed him GasOFast, saying “Please say NO to embarrassing moments now sweetheart.”

It was later that  I came to know how he was going through some serious bad stomach stuff that day and he was helpless as he had no idea of any remedy to relieve him from acidity, gas, and heartburn. He still thanks GasOFast and me for saving his dignity that day.

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