Some effective home remedies to treat Gas and Indigestion

Some effective home remedies to treat Gas and  Indigestion

Our kitchen is an ultimate treatment house. Atleast, when it comes to our day to day health problems, we have all those ingredients in our kitchen to relieve us of the problem. One such health issue is indigestion and we can handle that easily using some tips given below:

  • After your meal, drink one glass of water with one pinch of heeng powder added in it. You can also add one pinch of black salt as it is also effective in reducing the gas problem.
  • Heeng can be used with ginger too. Take 2 pinch of ginger powder, 1 pinch of rock salt and 1 pinch of hing. Mix all these in a cup of water and drink it.
  • To get rid of stomach ache caused by indigestion just dissolve a piece of heeng in lukewarm water. Soak the solution in a cloth or cotton and apply it on your stomach to get instant relief.
  • Take a pinch of heeng with a cup of buttermilk or with lukewarm water to get rid from bloating and gas problems.
  • A small pinch of heeng mixed with water made into a paste can be applied around the navel of the baby (NOT on the navel) in the clockwise direction.

It is a thing of past when you used to rush to the kitchen for different ingredients to treat your indigestion problem. It is a hassle to search for the jars of the needed ingredients at times in the kitchen.

Why burn out yourself when you can have all those ingredients in one sachet to relieve you from gas and indigestion problem?

Yes, GasOFast is the healthiest solution to all your indigestion problems like heartburn, gas, and acidity.

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