Sleep Peacefully With Gas-O-Fast

Sleep Peacefully With Gas-O-Fast

It was late at night when my wife frantically woke me up from my slumber. My eyes were not open completely and she burdened me with so many questions in a single breath. I remember, she was asking me, “Why do you want to die so early, why are you mumbling words like acidity, food, heartburn, are you alright?”

It is then I realized that my dreams were close to the reality. Actually, we went to a party that night and the dishes were so delicious that I surpassed the threshold of eating- I mean, I gulped down a little too much of the food and it was completely out of the capacity of my stomach.

We didn’t wait much after having our food and returned home to sleep. Probably, it was the spinach or the butter chicken that played with my thoughts while I was asleep. I dreamt that I am suffering from severe acid reflux and mumbling something in reality while I was fast asleep.

Fortunately, I knew the remedy to calm down my burning stomach. I immediately made my way to the kitchen and had a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. In no time I was sleeping peacefully.

And yeah, I didn’t dream of acidity and heartburn after!

So, do not let acidity take away your dreams. Gas-O-Fast is the perfect solution to all your acidity worries. Try it and feel the difference. Thanks to Gas-O-Fast.

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