Serving the nation with pride

Serving the nation with pride

Patriotism fills all of us with a feeling of pride. I am a soldier and my job requires me to be ready to serve my country at all times. With such a huge responsibility comes the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although I love everything about my job, being posted at many remote places has taken a toll on my health. I could never manage my eating habits and there were days when I could not have even a decent meal.

This led to me suffering from acute acidity. I would wake up to deep and sharp pain in my stomach. The pain always won. Then a friend of mine advised me to have Gas-O-Fast.

I have started keeping Gas-O-Fast in my first aid kit and have also told my colleagues about it. We now have the perfect weapon against acidity.

I am so ecstatic I found out about Gas-O-Fast.

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