Saved from embarrassment by Gas-O-Fast

Saved from embarrassment by Gas-O-Fast

I had just got engaged and was busy with the wedding shopping with my fiancé. Since it was an arranged marriage, we were still getting to know each other and were not very comfortable around each other.

I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. We were out shopping in a mall and were very tired with all the running around and standing. I was very hungry too as we started quite early in the day. I kept mum for sometime as I was a little shy and asking my fiancé for something but after a while I had it with the hunger.

I told my fiancé about my stomach ache and we soon rushed to the food court for our lunch. I had a yummy spicy Pao Bhaji and was feeling energized and happy just when it happened! I felt a deep, sharp sensation in my stomach with excruciating pain radiating everywhere. The flatulence too was unbearable and it was getting more and more embarrassing for me as I was in front of my fiancé!

I remembered I always keep a sachet of Gas-O-Fast in my purse. I asked my fiancé to get me a glass of water. He did so and I quickly emptied the contents of the sachet into it. I gulped down the whole thing in a single go. I felt instant relief and we were back to wedding shopping soon!

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