Saunf ka paani (Fennel Seeds infused water)

Saunf ka paani (Fennel Seeds infused water)

Saunf or Fennel seeds are known to be elixir of acidity and general well-being. It has a cooling effect on the body and therefore, cures acidity if taken in the long run.

Saunf ka paani is nothing but fennel infused water that you can have as a refreshing drink, weight loss remedy or acidity cure. In a nutshell, Saunf has the key to our health. But, it has to be consumed for a longer time in order to make sure the effects are positive and evident. For instant relief from acidity make sure to keep few Gas-O-Fast sachets handy and feel the sharp sensation going away quickly.


Take a handful of fennel seeds and crush with mortar and pestle or rolling pin. Now boil a litre or water in pan and put the crushed saunf and let it boil for few minutes. Remove from the flame and let it cool. Strain the liquid into sterilized bottle and refrigerate. Have thrice daily and see the change yourself in some time!

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