Overeating Causes Indigestion

Overeating Causes Indigestion

In last one week, I attended three birthday parties back to back. All my friends are foodies and we went to the best places in the city. We decided to try various dishes and enjoyed our time. I love non-veg food and so I ordered chicken tikka masala. In second birthday party, I again ordered pepper chicken and it tasted awesome. Besides this, I also tried some other dishes ordered by my friends.

After dinner, we went to a fast food store and had a burger and ice-cream. After returning home, I felt like having a cup of coffee and made one for me. I did not realize that this will cause acidity later. An hour later, I felt some uneasiness in my stomach. A few minutes later, I felt the pain too and I took a pain killer. This gave me no relief and I discussed my problem with my mother. She gave a sachet of Gas-O-Fast.

I mixed Gas-O-Fast in some water and drank it. Instantly, I got relief from acidity and felt normal. After this, I could easily go to sleep and after getting up in the morning, I was relaxed.

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