Oops! Hurry!

Oops! Hurry!

“Can’t you hear I am honking behind you for a pass? Go home retard!” the man shouted from the passing car.

My car became a deadly gas chamber today, which if unleashed could be a weapon of mass destruction. He was very fortunate that he was not in my car.

Usually, I am aggressive when on road. I drive carefully and abuse others for their poor driving skills, but today the other car owners shouted at me and I could not reply back. I was actually engrossed with something very serious which was affecting me grievously. My car was stuck in traffic, and I was least bothered about the other inconveniences I was going through because the problem that I was tackling with was more troublesome. With each and every passing second I was dying of severe pain and regretted my decision of not bringing my life saver with me in the car.

Such is the power of the acid produced by your stomach that your life can be in danger if it doesn’t work at the right place. If you ever had heartburn then I am sure you will believe me that acidity and heartburn can actually disturb you while driving. That sudden surge of pain from the stomach to the throat can throw you to the backseat and instigate you to reach your life saver solution Gas-O-Fast as soon as possible. Isn’t it a better idea to have Gas-O-Fast always with you in your car?

It seemed like those 120 seconds at the traffic light were the longest seconds of my life. It was difficult for me to hold myself from reaching my home back to take a sachet Gas-O-Fast.

Acidity is inevitable and the best way to tackle with acidity and heartburn within minutes is Gas-O-Fast.

So, what do you choose fatal heartburn or lifesaver Gas-O-Fast?

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