Now I Always Carry My Gasofast

Now I Always Carry My Gasofast

I am an aspiring IAS student who desperately wants to be a civil servant. I don’t know what people think about the lives of an aspiring civil servant but let me tell you the reality.

Most of the IAS aspirants are jobless; not because they are less talented but because it takes a lot to be an IAS and by a lot, I mean a lot. So, till the time we get selected somewhere, we are funded by our parents. Most of us try to save money and spend most of it on the study material. With such a tough life, it becomes almost impossible to be careful about our food and we fall ill often.

One common problem that we face most of the time is acidity and gas.

This is one embarrassing story but this is what does happen with some of us. I still remember that hot summer day when my classes started at 1 PM. I had studied late night before so I had my dinner at 3 AM and got up late in morning. This was not the usual morning for me, I was feeling bloated and had acidity. Each and every class is crucial for an IAS aspirant so I couldn’t have missed my geography lecture. I entered the class and found that the AC was not working and that I would have to bear it all for the next one and a half hour. As the lecture preceded my stomach problem worsened. I became uneasy and couldn’t concentrate on my subject until suddenly I released myself of the troublesome gas. I became easy but I had no idea what I had done to the others. A minute later I saw some students with handkerchiefs on their mouth walking out even before the lecture finished. Then I realized what a blunder I have committed.

This is not all, a girl came up to me and handed me a sachet of GasOFast saying “bhai please bahar jaake peeke aaja, don’t give us gas, Garmi bahut hai, hawa aane de”. It was embarrassing but I uttered thanks somehow and moved out quickly. I used the sachet and was relieved within seconds.

Now, I always carry a sachet of GasOFast and never become the source of embarrassment.

Thank You GasOFast.

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