My Trip to Jodhpur

My Trip to Jodhpur

During my summer holidays, I decided to visit my grandparents. I booked my tickets to Jodhpur and packed my bags. I was super excited as I was traveling alone this time. Early in the morning, I reached the bus stand and boarded my bus. As the bus started, I took out my headphones and started listening to my favorite playlist. After some time, I felt hungry and looked into my bag. I was happy to see that my mother packed some food for me and I enjoyed it. Besides food, I had a strawberry shake which I bought before boarding the bus.

After eating, I felt some uneasiness and pain in my stomach. I looked for some pain killer in my bag but I had nothing. The pain was really becoming uncontrollable and I wished to reach home as soon as possible. My journey was of seven hours and the bus took half an hour break in between. All the passengers went down for refreshment but I preferred to stay back in the bus.

While looking out of the bus, I saw a medical shop. Without a second thought, I rushed down and asked him to give some medicine for acidity. He gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. I added the sachet in a glass of water and instantly felt relief from acidity. It gave me comfort and I enjoyed the rest of my journey.

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