My Love Affair With Food Continues

My Love Affair With Food Continues

Being a foodie in regular corporate profession is not an easy job! The sedentary lifestyle that work demands inflict on us, meetings until midnight across time zones, last minute flights to lands unknown, we end up surviving on Caffeine; and everything eventually caught up with me. It became difficult for me to have my favourite food items without feeling like my stomach was on fire. And coffee was like adding fuel to the fire burning inside of me.

If I ate anything fried, spicy, sour or indulged my sweet tooth; the fire would flicker. I would consider myself lucky if I could put it out. Sometimes I just couldn’t, and it’d lead to nausea and missed day of work. It soon became a problem, for I had to now choose between my food to taste and survive. Grudgingly, I adopted a bland, boiled, home-cooked food only diet. And I tried to survive on it.

It worked only until everyone else around me was eating the same bland, boiled food which was to have happened in an ideal world only. I’d start my day with porridge and honey while others in the family tucked aloo paranthas with pickle and curd in. At work, I’d open my lunchbox to khichdi while all my colleagues whacked onto chicken biryani, shawarmas, stuffed capsicum, aloo achari and such mouthwatering delicacies. Attending meetings became a nightmare. With no more coffee or tea to keep me awake, my attention would wane. I’d survive by sipping onto mere water or cold milk.

One day a colleague advised me to use Gas-O-Fast. And in no time were Biryani, samosas and chutney, like long lost friends back.Thanks to Gas-O-Fast, I am now able to continue my love affair with food.

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