My Grandmother is the Best Cook

My Grandmother is the Best Cook

During my vacations, I decided to meet my grandmother and straightaway reached her home. I was meeting her after a long time so she was excited to see me. I told her that I was tired of eating the boring food at the mess. She cooked a variety of dishes during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She cooked all my favorite dishes and I tried everything.

According to me, she is the best cook in my family. Even if I am not hungry, I am always ready to eat if the food is cooked by her. While I was at home, some guests were coming. She prepared shahi paneer, chana kulcha, chicken tikka, and rice. I had everything and while eating I did not bother about the quantity. After this, I had 2 pieces of gulab jamun too.

An hour later, I felt some heaviness in my stomach. I tried to sleep for sometime but I could not ignore the uneasiness. Within few minutes, I also felt some pain in my stomach and this made me feel more uncomfortable. I tried a pain killer but it did not give me relief from the problem. After this, my grandmother told me it is not stomach ache but heartburn or acidity. She gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. I added it in a glass of water and got relief from acidity within seconds. All thanks to my granny and Gas-O-Fast.

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