My Friend’s Wedding

My Friend’s Wedding

Meeting old friends is always on top of my priority list. Last month, I got a call from one of my friends who was getting married. I was really excited for his marriage as we were the best buddies during our college days. After talking to him, I called up my other friends to know who all were going to attend his marriage. Finally, we decided that after our office hours, we will meet at a friend’s place and get ready there. Two days before his marriage, we bought a gift for the couple and were quite excited for his wedding function.

It was decided that we will meet by six in evening at our friend’s place. I tried to complete all my work before leaving the office. During lunch break, I went out with my friend and had spicy Punjabi food. After returning to office, I felt some pain in my stomach and was unable to focus on my work. This made me worried about my evening plans. I did not want to disappoint my friend by missing his marriage.

I went to a medical shop nearby and bought a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. It is one of the best antacids available in the market. In a glass of water, I added the sachet and after drinking it, I instantly got relief from acidity. After this, I went to attend my friend’s wedding and enjoyed the food too.

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